Welcome aboard, no one cares

Welcome aboard, no one cares

18 May 2018

Welcome aboard, no one cares teaser
Wait, don't leave...

Today's newsletter is about how NOT to do on-boarding of new staff (true story), tech helping you to connect back to reality and giving back.
Welcome aboard, now sort yourself out, mate
How NOT to on-board a new hire
First days are important. Its the reason parents go nuts over first day photos for school. It signifies a new chapter. A fresh start. An optimistic outlook towards a bright future.

That is of course, until it doesn't...

A friend of mine had her first day at a new company in a new role. She was excited to join. She walked in and was shown to her desk, which looked a lot like this:

She was told that this was where the 'sales guys' drop off their paperwork. Right...ignoring this and persevering through the next two weeks, she:
  1. Was given no training
  2. Was told to stop trying to do things right and be comfortable with ignoring industry regulations
  3. Was told they couldn't spare the company car that was in her employment contract, so she had to use her own (her work was road based)
  4. Was called by the wrong name by the CEO, multiple times
Any one of these things on its own isn't the WORST that could happen, but all of that two weeks in led to her resigning following discussions with the CEO and management. The kicker, the receptionist said 'are you thinking about leaving? I think I need to get outta here too".

Employee on-boarding is INCREDIBLY important. Getting that wrong takes a long time to get over. On-boarding needs will vary from organisation to organisation but the bottom line is leaders and HR have to ensure they put thought and effort into it. What's the point of spending months recruiting, only to taint the relationship as soon as they walk through the door? We are a small business, but here is what we do to on-board.
  • Clean the desk. I get here an hour before they start and ensure the desk is clean, stocked with stationary and has everything they need.
  • MAKE SURE their computer is working and set-up.
  • Do an induction. A simple one page induction goes a long way. People can't settle in if they don't know where the toilets are, how to get a coffee or where to grab lunch.
  • Send a welcome email to them and the team a week before, so everyone knows their background and when they are starting. Introduce them on day one.
  • Give them the training they need to do their job
  • Schedule weekly catch-ups for the first three months, then monthly after that
  • Set goals
  • Be available
I hope these tips are helpful so you don't end up with a resignation two weeks in. Here is an example of a an amazing new hire desk:

Who doesn't love Starburst
Google wants to help you stay grounded
Google and other big data driven tech companies cop a lot of flack for being, well, tech companies. More so for the digital zombification that they've perpetuated in society, like people walking into water fountains on their phones (e.g. Inattention Blindness). Google has made a conscious effort to support wellbeing and mindfulness through programs such as Search Inside Yourself and most recently its Google Wellbeing service.

The new Google Wellbeing, soon to be launched, is meant to help track and restrict excessive digital usage while also trying to encourage good behaviours like stepping away from your phone and going for a stretch. Its by no means a silver bullet, but is a step in the right direction towards companies helping society use their products as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Good on ya, Google
Giving back
This week we announced Perth's first Mindfulness conference, run by the Integral Leadership Institute, our sister Not-for-profit. Details on that can be found here and enrolment is here.

Another cause I am passionate about and sit on the board of is Basics for Blokes, tackling homelessness by using the one for one model. What's that, you ask?

It means we are selling a cool pair of the funky socks (below) and giving 500+ homeless people in Perth socks and other essentials via distribution through direct service providers (other NFPs). The socks we give are durable, weather resistant ones that are meant to last in tough conditions. Want to help? $15 gets you a cool pair designed by a local Perth artist, while someone else in need in Perth also gets a pair.

In the world of blue suits and office apparel, sometimes funky socks are all we've got

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