What Gets Measured Gets Managed

What Gets Measured Gets Managed
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What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Data, information, knowledge and wisdom – which of these are you actually after when you choose to measure your work outputs and outcomes?
Are you after a meaningful representation of real world experience or filling in boxes to prove that something has happened.
Peter Drucke is famously quoted as saying What gets measured gets managed, which like a marriage is for better or worse. (He didn’t say that, but he should have).

If you don’t measure it you don’t know what is going on with it, if you do measure it and people know you care, people will make an effort to get it right or make it look right.
What can you do to make sure the data you collect actually turns into wisdom and doesn’t linger on the cutting floor as information, or worse data, that doesn’t get used.
This short workshop will give you insights and helpful strategies to use measurement to drive performance.

Facilitated by Wendy Murray