Leading For Strategic Impact

Leading For Strategic Impact
  • Dates:

  • Times:

    8:30am to 4:30pm

  • Duration:

    5 Days

  • Fees:

    $4950 + GST per person

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Leading For Strategic Impact - Advanced Leadership Program

Develop your Integral leadership skills and achieve your strategic imperatives

Leading For Strategic Impact provides middle and upper level leaders with the understanding, skills, leadership models, tools and mental/emotional focus to achieve important strategic imperatives for their organisation. In this rapidly changing and challenging environment, every organisation needs to achieve key strategic imperatives and to develop leaders who have the ability to determine and achieve the right ones. The program will analyse and focus on a core strategic issue for your business and use this to build the essential skills of an Integral Leader to implement that change. Your leader participant will use the best leadership and organisational tools available to develop their skills and engage others. Unlike traditional leadership programs, this program focuses on tackling real strategic issues in your organisation while fostering strategic thinking skills as a leader.

Who Should Attend

General Managers, Chief Executive Officers, Executive Directors, middle level managers who need to influence strategic outcomes.

Key Objectives

  • Achievement of meaningful strategic objectives/problems/challenges/imperatives.
  • Learn tools and processes to bring about Integral change of culture systems.
  • Development of self awareness and an effective leadership style, skills and state of mind needed to achieve the objectives.
  • Understanding and tools for creating strategic impact.

Major Outcomes

  • The accomplishment of a strategic impact that will yield tangible benefits for your organisation.
  • A leader who has acquired integral leadership competencies and a state of mind that equips him or her to effectively deal with current and future challenges.
  • Exposure to and mastery of strategic impact tools and practices for sustainable change.

Program Elements

  • The Leadership Impact Challenge: this process delivers an important strategic impact and fosters the development of Integral leadership skills.
  • Organisational Health Analysis: a full range analysis of your organisation to determine its strategic challenges and readiness for the future.
  • Strategic Elephants: your strategic imperatives, solving the right strategic problem in the right way.
  • Intent-Based Leadership: effectively coach, facilitate and direct to achieve strategic impact in a way that develops and engages staff.
  • Leading Integral Change: the comprehensive integral framework and tools that result in successful change.
  • Understanding and Shifting UGRs: unlock the power of your organisation’s culture.
  • Design Thinking for Innovation: use the latest approach in design thinking and prototyping to fast track innovative strategic impact.
  • Intelligent Accountability: giving performance and personal feedback in a way that works.
  • Integral 360 Leadership and Management Profile and Coaching: a full analysis of your leadership and management skills.
  • Industry Advisors: guidance from two outstanding industry leaders to accelerate your leadership skills and strategic impact.
  • Shadow Coaching: gain insight into your leadership  focus by being shadowed by a course participant.
  • Resilient Mindflow: (Mindfulness Plus); the state of mind that consistently brings clarity and mindfulness into your personal, leadership and team activities.

Guest Speakers Include

  • Damien Eves, Chief Executive Officer, ABN Group
  • Mal De Giulio, Director of Corporate Advisory, Nexia Perth
  • Ricky Burges, CEO, WALGA

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