Dealing With Difficult Behaviours

Dealing With Difficult Behaviours
  • Dates:

  • Times:

    8:30am to 12:30pm

  • Duration:

    Half Day

  • Fees:

    $195 + GST per person

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Dealing With Difficult Behaviours

Difficult behaviour in the workplace is a common occurrence. Research shows it has a significant cost to
organisations and damage to other people. In this interactive full day session, you will identify and learn
how to manage difficult and toxic behaviours and increase your skills to build positive relationships through
open and honest communication.

This session provides participants with an opportunity to develop and practice techniques, skills, and attitudes
needed to work through conflict, and deal with toxic or difficult behaviour. It also provides a step-by-step
process to manage difficult behaviour as well as tools and tips to bring about change.

Managing problem behaviour is one of the most difficult parts of leadership. All successful managers have the
ability to work through conflict and difficult conversations. Participants learn how to eliminate
ambiguity, develop clear messages, create open listening channels, and effectively use active listening skills.

These necessary skills increase success in communicating with and managing expectations, be it subordinates, coworkers, and superiors.

Content Includes

  • Identify the problem and toxic behaviour in your organisation
  • Research on the impact of problem behaviour
  • Defining difficult and toxic behaviour
  • Listening and asking questions effectively
  • How to stay calm during difficult conversations
  • Determining the performance or behaviour gap
  • Steps in preparing for and conducting a difficult conversation
  • Defining and agreeing on the problem
  • Case studies and examples

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