Team Surveys

Team Surveys

Assisting you to build high performing teams

People are your organisation’s most valuable asset and your success is defined by theirs.

Our suite of team assessment tools are used by leaders, human resource professionals and consultants to understand and build high performing teams.

Team surveys focus on:

  • Clarifying team roles and functions
  • Defining a singular, actionable vision
  • Identifying obstacles and challenges
  • Identifying areas of popular contribution.

Integral Team Effectiveness Measure (ITEM) Survey

The Integral Team Effectiveness Measure (ITEM) survey is designed to produce extraordinary teams that are greater than the sum of their parts. 

How it works

The survey measures how well a team is performing along 32 different aspects of effective teamwork grouped into six key categories. This is used by the team to determine actions for improvement of team functioning.

The survey summarises the results of questionnaires completed by the members of a team, providing insight into several aspects of Integral TeamWork.

Integral TeamWork is the extent to which a team operates as one high-performing holistic team. The aspects of Integral TeamWork include:

  • The Four Quadrants of Balanced Integral TeamWork (see below)
  • The Six Elements of Effective TeamWork.

Benefits for participants

Participants in teams will come away with:

  • A greater sense of belonging within the team
  • Higher levels of effectiveness and performance
  • A clearer focus when working with others.

Integral Team “Rolles” Profile

This instrument provides a profile of the roles each individual prefers to take in a team. The information is used to complete a group profile that explains the dynamics of the team and how it affects performance. The integral team rolles profile uses the integral framework and identfies nine rolles.

The profile is used to help individuals and teams determine the preferred contributions of each team member. This tool is based on the Belbin team role research and measures but is modified based on the integral framework to include a different emphasis on roles.

This self report instrument, based on an allocation of points, is used to understand group dynamics and improve interpersonal relationships and performance.

The Four Quadrants

Team Culture
Team culture builds a sense that everyone is part of one team with a commitment to the team’s vision.
Individual Wellbeing
In an Integral Team every person is vital to the whole team, and therefore individuals are treated with care, equality and respect.
Team Effectiveness
Integral Teams develop effective systems and procedures that support the achievement of goals and strategies. This quadrant involves the integration of team systems to achieve team, individual goals and organisational goals.
Team Efficiency
The Integral Team continually improves its efficiency in using time and resources. It will maximise its output while minimising the financial cost and human effort needed to achieve its goals. 

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