Cultural Survey

Cultural Survey

Looking for ways to improve your organisation's culture?

Our consultants are experienced in facilitating such discussions and leading your managers and staff to identify strengths in your organisation’s culture as well as priority issues that need to be addressed.

Our goal is to help you:
  • Become more aware of the existing culture of your organisation
  • Determine the culture that you want to see develop within your organisation
  • Understand the changes that you need to make to create your desired culture.

About the Integral Cultural Survey

The Integral Cultural Survey is a tool that helps you become more aware of the positive and negative characteristics of the stages of organisational development that are alive and operating in your organisation.

This survey uses the insights of Spiral Dynamics, a well-established and researched framework developed by Don Beck and Clare Graves, that describes how organisations have evolved in their values and practices over human history.

How the survey works

The survey focuses on six of the eight stages of organisational development which are most evident in our current workplaces and asks employees to indicate the extent to which they are expected or encouraged to act in positive and negative ways associated with these stages.
Graphical reports provide you with a clear picture of how these stages of development are being played out in the behaviours of management and staff across the organisation and within sections and teams.

The discussion that results from this feedback, and the comparison of your scores with that of other organisations, provide a useful means of identifying the stage(s) where the energy of the organisation is centred, and the issues that need to be addressed if the culture of your organisation is going to develop in a positive direction.

Customising the survey

To better target the survey around the cultural issues that your organisation is facing, you have the option of supplementing the 24 cultural benchmark questions with other questions You can also integrate the cultural benchmark questions with our Integral Organisational Survey.

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