Personality Type Indicators

Personality Type Indicators

Helping you get into the mindset of your team

The Personality Type Indicator (PTI) is an online personality questionnaire developed to measure the personality types described by psychologist, Carl Jung. While the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is well regarded for its ability to measure type theory, the PTI is a shorter and lower cost alternative to this instrument.  

How the PTI works

Before receiving their Personality Type Indicator (PTI) report, participants are asked to estimate their type as the four dimensions of type theory are explained to them. The PTI report is then handed back to confirm their estimate and provide further insight into the behaviours, characteristics and differences of each type.

Personality types

Personality types can be categorised into sixteen identifiable types:
  1. ISTJ: The Inspector
  2. ISFJ: The Protector
  3. INFJ: The Counselor
  4. INTJ: The Mastermind
  5. ISTP: The Craftsman
  6. ISFP: The Composer
  7. INFP: The Healer
  8. INTP: The Architect
  9. ESTP: The Dynamo
  10. ESFP: The Performer
  11. ENFP: The Champion
  12. ENTP: The Visionary
  13. ESTJ: The Supervisor
  14. ESFJ: The Provider
  15. ENFJ: The Teacher
  16. ENTJ: The Commander

Once the results are collated

Once the PTI assessment is completed, we can compile a type table of a group to explain the culture, strengths and areas to work on when a group or organisation has a predominance of only a few types.

Exercises and practical activities are used to show individuals and teams the validity and practical value of understanding and working with different types.

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