Organisational Surveys

Organisational Surveys

Our goal is to help your organisation become a world leader.

Our organisational surveys use reliable assessment metrics, to provide a clear picture of where your organisation stands and what is required to move forward.

We offer three customised organisational surveys:
  • Integral Organisation Survey
  • Integral Great Place to Work
  • Integral Sustainability Survey

Integral Organisation Survey (IOS)

The IOS gives your organisation an economical and reliable way of gaining a holistic view of how your employees are experiencing what it’s like to work for your organisation.
Key benchmarking questions look at how employees perceive the organisation in terms of:
  • Personal wellbeing and engagement
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Culture and meaning
The survey can be tailored to your needs by:
  • Assisting you to clarify your survey objectives
  • Adding customised questions around priority areas and open-ended questions
  • Collecting data online and using paper surveys where needed
  • Providing benchmarking options so that you can compare your results with other similar organisations
  • Providing easy to understand reports at organisational, divisional and sectional level
  • Facilitating the discussion of results and the development of action plans
Detailed survey reports are presented to management and a summary of results is provided to all staff. Our skilled consultants are available to facilitate focus groups and action planning in relation to key priority areas that emerge from survey results.

Our focus is to assist client organisations to use the survey feedback to build on the key strengths and address the priority issues that have surfaced through the survey.

Clients are now showing an interest in gaining feedback about how they are progressing with their priority issues and actions. In response, we have developed a very economical system that enables HR to work with our survey consultant to set up periodic mini pulse surveys. These provide more frequent feedback to managers and staff about their level of progress on key action areas.

Integral Great Place to Work Survey (GPTW)

The GPTW is a brief 20 question survey that focuses on areas that research has shown to be critical if employees are to experience their organisation as a great place to work.

The questions are well suited to Australian culture and enable you and your team, section or organisation to use a very brief survey to see how you are performing in relation to key areas of the workplace under the headings of personal wellbeing, work behaviour and environment, performance systems and vision and culture.

The reports are brief and provide useful graphics to enable you to identify the key issues that are important to employee engagement in your team, section or organisation.

Integral Sustainability Survey (ISS)

ISS is our essential environmental performance survey, providing feedback on the key aspects essential to your organisation being a sustainable organisation and helps you measure your:
  • Environmental policy
  • Energy management
  • Water management
  • Recycling management
  • Sustainability strategy
The survey provides an indication of the environmental performance of your organisation through a star-rating system, with one star indicating below standard environmental performance through to six stars for a world leader.

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