360 Degree Surveys

360 Degree Surveys

Creating successful managers and leaders

Integrity, vision, confidence, strategic thinking and a commitment to personal and professional development are qualities that define successful managers and leaders.

Our 360° degree survey can help you to understand the complex and interrelated skills that lay the foundation for effective leadership and managerial behaviour in your organisation or sector. 

What you can expect from our 360° degree survey report

The Integral 360° survey report provides you with feedback in the following areas:
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Leadership effectiveness 
  • Leadership and management roles
  • Skills and abilities associated with leadership effectiveness
  • Self-skills
  • Highest and lowest rated skills and behaviours
  • Open comments made by raters
  • A development workbook to assist in deciding action steps.

Comparison norms

Once you have received your scores, we can show you how to select from comparison groups to compare scores against others in the program/team, your organisation, your industry, your sector.

How it works

The 5 step process outlined below will maximise the benefits of the survey:
  1. Customise your questionnaire (see below)
  2. Introduce your team to the 360° process
  3. Collect online data and compile feedback reports
  4. Debrief the group on their results and feedback reports
  5. Hold individual debriefings in a one-on-one coaching session with an experienced and accredited coach.
We recommend allowing three (3) weeks for participants and their raters to complete the survey.

Customising your survey questions

We understand everyone's needs are unique.  The Integral 360° survey has the advantage of using a set of well researched behaviours and skills of leadership and management yet can be tailored by adding customised “vital organisation” questions to the profile.  This allows the ability to provide normative comparisons while also providing an instrument that suits individual and organisational environments and requirements. 

Just some of the ways that the survey can be customised include:
  • Customisation by sector
  • Customisation by role(s)
  • Adding additional questions based on development areas such as emotional intelligence, leadership states and authenticity.

Top reasons to choose our 360 survey

More than 5,000 Australian executives, managers and supervisors over the last 15 years have turned to Integral Development to complete their 360° feedback surveys. We understand how important it is to have good, working relationships with the people around you and to receive leveraged skill and behavioural based feedback across all levels.​

Our instruments has been thoroughly tested, researched, and refined to achieve meaningful outcomes. Following are some of the studies that have been undertaken:
  • Studies by Dr. Simon Albrecht have shown that the 8 roles of our 360° profiles are valid and accurate indicators of leadership effectiveness
  • Factor analysis and correlation studies with other validated instruments such as the MLQ have shown that we use reliable and valid instruments
  • A PhD student at UWA correlated the Integral 360° with measures of emotional intelligence and other factors.

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