Diploma of Leadership & Management

Diploma of Leadership & Management

Discovering the best in you

Understanding how people function in the workplace and how to bring out the best in them is at the heart of our leadership and management programs.

Our course model is based on the ideas popularised by Ken Wilber, whose work brings the most advanced thinking of science, philosophy, psychology and leadership into an effective strategy.



About the Diploma

Our nationally recognised BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management is an intensive course and one of the most transformational leadership programs available.

While the core tenants of Leadership Development remain the same, Registered Training Organisation (RTO) programs add a nationally recognised qualification. Our RTO programs include a rigorous assessment and application of leadership learning, connected by a real workplace project that allow participants to return immediate and tangible value to the organisation. 

Many RTO providers offer 'cheap' and 'bolt-on' type qualifications that are referred to as 'tick and flick' in that they are simply a means to an end of achieving a qualification. Our approach is completely tailored to your organisation's needs and context, allowing programs to remain highly relevant and can be focused around key themes such as: Change Management, Innovation or Front line Leadership.

Participants will learn about powerful and practical tools, concepts and skills that will enable them to become a highly effective leader and manager.

Development outcomes

The Diploma program is designed to enhance and develop:
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Your ability to motivate and inspire others
  • Your ability to drive team effectiveness
  • Your business performance
  • Your ability to lead and manage change
  • Your ability to innovate and transform your organisation.

Course structure

Our research indicates that learning is more effective when skills are taught over condensed time periods, with points of rest in between each module. We can tailor our programs to suit the schedules of your organisation's leaders and managers to ensure sessions are impactful without causing schedule conflicts.

We have structured the diploma program to include:

  • A launch
  • Subequent modules - available in half days or full days to suit your needs
  • Final project presentations.

Workplace project and presentation

Throughout the program, participants will engage in a real workplace project that they will apply their program learnings to. The projects will be reviewed and endorsed by leaders in the business to ensure worthwhile initiatives are chosen.

The program concludes with participants presenting their projects back to executives, providing an opportunity to demonstrate a return on investment for your organisation.


Who should attend

Our Diploma program is perfect for:
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Frontline managers
  • Project managers
  • Business unit managers
  • Divisional managers

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