Experiential Team Building

Experiential Team Building

Engage and empower your team like never before.

We have helped build high performing, effective teams with 15,000 people over the past 14 years and have gained a reputation for delivering effective systems and strategies that improve performance and leadership skills in teams.

What distinguishes our team development services from others, is the time we spend with our clients at the outset. This allows us to frame each activity within the context of the issues you and your organisation may typically face.

About the workshops

Imagine what your team could achieve if they were all working together collaboratively and were a genuine high performance team.

Our experiential workshops take your team to new heights. Following an assessment to identify key focus areas, our facilitators design a series of experiential team tasks for your team to complete.

Your team is charged with working together to complete the tasks within a set time limit. At the completion of each task, the team debriefs to discuss how they did and what could be improved before they progress on to the next task.

Topics covered

  • Communication
  • Delegation of tasks and responsibility
  • Decision making
  • Big picture thinking
  • Problem solving and initiative
  • Allocation of resources
  • Planning and preparation.
Depending on your needs, we can run half day or full day workshops. We can handle all aspects of the program from organising the venue, accommodation, catering, specialist instructors, equipment, pre-visit information and transport.

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