Unleashing Design Thinkers

Unleashing Design Thinkers
  • Dates:

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  • Times:

    8:30am to 4:30pm

  • Duration:

    2 Days

  • Fees:

    $1800 + GST per person

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Unleashing Design Thinkers: Skills for Innovation

The need for innovative solutions that drive change has never been greater. The complex challenges in today’s marketplace require both ingenuity and practicality to overcome. Design Thinkers are skilled problem solvers that are able to develop innovative yet practical solutions to complex challenges.

A 2017 research study of 536 participants across 20 industries found the six core capabilities of Design Thinkers. This study also discovered that these capabilities are inherent capabilities that we all have but often leave undeveloped.

In this two-day workshop, you will gain insights into your own capabilities as a Design Thinker and learn how to develop these skills in your workforce.

Unique Features

  • What is Design Thinking? Why does it matter?
  • Who are Design Thinkers?
  • What are my capabilities as a Design Thinker?
  • How do I foster Design Thinker capabilities in my teams?

Benefits of Attending

  • Individual assessment of your capabilities as a Design Thinker
  • Understanding of what Design Thinking is and how to develop Design Thinkers
  • Strategies for fostering these capabilities within your team

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for directors and senior managers with a need for expanding innovation and change capabilities in their teams.


Dr Dani Chesson

Creator of the Chesson’s DESIGN THINKER PROFILE, Dr. Dani Chesson, through years of research, has
uncovered the core capabilities needed for driving innovation and creating transformational change.
Leveraging over 15+ years as a senior leader in the financial services industry leading strategic change, Dani works with business owners, management teams, and industry professionals to discover their untapped Design Thinking potential.

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