Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

More than a plan. It’s your guide to the future.

It's a rare person that loves strategic planning. Not because it's unimportant, but because it's often done poorly and thrown in a drawer until someone decides to 'revisit' it again. Not great. In spite of this, we all know how essential it is to have a strategy in place. It's your roadmap for the future, supported by a guiding vision and lived values. 

Thinking about your stratgy, do you need to:

  • Dust the cobwebs off your existing strategic plan?
  • Infuse new life into your out-of-date plan?
  • Perhaps, create a brand new one?
At Integral Development, we are passionate about organisations realising their full potential and understand how important it is to create and implement a plan that really works! 

How we can help you

Our team of highly skilled professionals are experienced in consulting, strategy and facilitation.

We can help to:

  • Stimulate and focus your organisation
  • Facilitate your strategic planning workshops
  • Custom design your strategic plan with clear performance indicators, targets and action plans
  • Facilitate periodic reviews and fine-tune your plan
  • Ensure the ongoing success of your strategic plan

Our process

We use a clear, proven and powerful process to:

  • Capture the interest, motivation and creativity of your team
  • Create and align your goals and strategic priorities
  • Provide a plan for successful implementation
  • Enable responsiveness to the changing environment
  • Follow-up regularly and create accountability to ensure the strategy doesn't just sit on a shelf


Depending on your needs, we are able to design and conduct half-day to two-day planning workshops to fully develop your plan. Our recommended approach is as follows:

Confirmation/Scoping Meeting:
Integral's facilitator will meet with relevant persons involved to discuss aims and other specific aspects of the project. The format, presentation style and layout of the final document will be agreed to. Prior to commencement of the next step in the process, Integral will work with you to determine the correct strategic approach for your organisation based on documented practices considering key issues around:

  • Malleability of the market
  • Certainty of the market
  • Appetite for change within the organisation

Stakeholder Interviews (Optional):
Our facilitator can meet with stakeholders at the board / key stakeholder levels. Making meaningful, contextually relevant strategic plans benefits greatly from stakeholder interviews to determine where stakeholders believe the organisation needs to position itself and how it can be successful in the future. These findings will then be integrated into the analysis and pre-session packets sent to participants before the session.
Strategic Planning Facilitation:
The strategic planning facilitation will be conducted with participation from both the staff and the board to determine major strategic imperatives and action planning. This session will review the changing environment, establish and prioritise key strategic objectives and develop action plans that include responsibilities, timelines and resources to help navigate the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) operating environment organsations face. We use a combination of VUCA, Strategic Elephants and Values-focused methodologies to hone in on an effective and deliverable strategy.
Plan Document:
Following the Strategic Planning session, Integral's facilitator will write up a summary document detailing the strategic objectives identified during the session, as well as the agreed actions, commitments and time frames. The write-up will include a “Plan On A Page”, an effective one-pager that can be used to communicate to internal and external stakeholders the Vision, Mission, Values and Key Objectives of the Strategic Plan.
Follow-up Meeting:
Integral's facilitator will conduct a one hour check-in 3 months after the session to ‘reality test’ how embedded the outcomes are and work through any issues that have arisen.

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Our work

We’ve worked with CEOs, Boards, Councils and Senior Executive Groups, across a wide range of industries, public, not-for-profits and government sectors. View our case studies to find out more about our clients and recent projects.

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