Strategic Community Planning

Strategic Community Planning

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Traditional approaches to community engagement tend to focus on the immediate issues and challenges that confront the community in the here and now.

We believe that in order to achieve a meaningful and useful Strategic Community Plan, the process needs to lift the community up to see beyond the present and consider the individual and the collective, the relationships and the results.

The Integral approach

Our model of community engagement takes a holistic approach to a range of community engagement outcomes, drawing on the community’s enthusiasm and knowledge though a fully consultative and workshop focused process.

Key focus areas

The framework consists of four quadrants central to the idea of the ‘authentic self’.

Strategic outcomes

A strategic and collaborative towards the realisation of a new future with shared goals is key to enabling the community and its leaders to collectively address certain questions.

Such questions typically include:

Our sizeable team of facilitators are able to implement strategic workshops and plans for local government under tight time constraints using a tailored project framework that is capable of meeting the evolving needs of both our clients and the community.

We use a highly interactive workshop based methodology, working with tried and tested facilitation techniques which ensure active, constructive and equitable participation from attendees.

Plan schedule

The following timetable is indicative and can be adjusted to suit particular needs.

The stages of our integrated project management framework include:

Project Initiation

Integral facilitators and the client organisation will settle on the scope, schedule, location and nature of the activities, and roles and responsibilities as part of the project initiation workshop, based upon agreed outcomes.

Project Planning

Integral Development will move to planning the types of activities involved in addition to the facilitation and reporting processes to be used and seek confirmation from the client. Project activities and duration will be outlined in a schedule/chart.

Project Execution

As activities occur, the project schedule will be updated and representatives of the client organisation will be provided regular updates on the progress of activities and any issues or risks that arise.

Project Closure

We will ensure that all project activities will be closed as they are completed. When the community consultation ends, Integral Development will present a summary of activities and key outcomes. Other key milestones will be monitored and delivered according to the schedule.

The project will be closed upon delivery and consideration of the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan by Council. If necessary, any extension of the project will be by joint agreement between the client organisation and Integral consultants.

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