Management Consulting

Management Consulting

How is your organisation performing?

Can your employees articulate your strategy and vision and are they empowered to execute it?
Are your projects running effectively - on time and on budget?
Do you communicate effectively across your organisation and with your stakeholders?
Do you receive positive and constructive feedback?
Have you identified key areas for improvement across your organisation?

How management consulting can help you

At Integral Development, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high achieving businesses, we deliver insights and put them into action.

We provide a range of management consulting services, including:

Project performance improvement

It is no secret that many projects are struggling and start to head off course long before tangible evidence and problems appear. This results in cost and schedules being put under pressure, combined with strained client and contractor relations. Further down the track, future business opportunities and reputation can be damaged. The stakes can be high! 

Wherever you are on the project lifecycle, we can help – planning, optimising, pressure testing and more.

Individual and organisational performance

Every day, employee engagement and talent is becoming harder to gain. We help organisations build a performance-orientated culture that improves individual performance and contributes to its overall success. Our holistic approach helps ensure all levels of an organisation work together to create an innovative, talent powered organisation.

Conflict management and resolution

Wherever choices exist there is potential for disagreement. Such differences, when handled properly, can result in richer, more effective creative solutions. However, it is difficult to consistently turn differences into opportunities. We have helped many clients at organisation, team and individual levels, address and overcome conflict by providing facilitation, mediation and coaching services. Find out more about our business and management coaching services.

Team communication

Rapid, accurate and timely communication is vital to business success. Our team communication system is used by organisations throughout Australia and the world. It is a simple face-to-face briefing method that provides honest, open and two-way focused communications to employees. Our consultants can help you design effective communication strategies and processes.

Communication plans

We offer a powerful suite of tools, training programs, and communication strategies to help communicate with both internal and external stakeholders. Our communication planning process takes you through the key development phases of your communication plan.

Change management

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance. We help organisations prepare for change and manage the complex organisational and workforce transition to the desired end state. Find out more about our change management services.

Structural reviews

We have undertaken structural reviews for both public and private sector organisations across a range of industries; a number of these reviews have been noted for their level of complexity and scale. The reviews we have undertaken have been at divisional, whole of organisation and board level.


Good governance does not guarantee good practice, but it does provide a discipline around which an organisation can frame high quality processes and meaningful relationships. All organisations should aspire to high moral and ethical standards rather than tick-in-a-box corporate governance. Our holistic approach helps establish good corporate governance that leads to exceptional visions and long-term value. Find out more about our governance services.

Stakeholder feedback and analysis

We have conducted stakeholder feedback and analysis for a wide range of organisations, from local governments seeking to gather input and ideas from the broader community to industry groups on key issues such as safety and organisational performance. We use a broad range of methods to gather feedback such as interviews, focus groups and surveys depending on your needs.

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