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Our governance and leadership advisory services are aimed at achieving excellence in:
  • CEO assessment and development
  • Board reviews and establishment
  • Strategy formulation.

CEO assessment and development

The CEO is the most crucially accountable position in an organisation, and the individual through which the vision and strategy of the Board is realised and implemented. As a result, a CEO assessment represents a challenging undertaking for the Chair.

An externally facilitated process can alleviate, if not entirely remove this administrative responsibility.

Assessment outcomes

Our CEO assessments are designed to:
  • Maintain the relationship between the CEO and the Board
  • Introduce greater levels of transparency and independence
  • Help the CEO reach best practice in the execution of their duties
  • Delineate between the key remuneration components of a CEO.

Key focus areas

We can help your organisation:
  • Establish effectual assessment processes and criteria
  • Evaluate CEO performance and conduct the assessment
  • Identify skills which the CEO can further develop
  • Assist in the strategy of an underperforming CEO.

Board establishment, reviews and improvement

The smallest improvement in a Board’s performance can have a profoundly positive impact on the effectiveness of the organisation, given their key role in developing a strategic vision and monitoring its implementation.

Leading practice recommends that externally facilitated Board reviews should involve the Board as a whole, and also consider the contributions of individual directors as well.

Review outcomes

Our Board reviews are designed to:
  • Incorporate a holistic view of self and peer evaluation
  • Identify areas for improving performance across the Board
  • Introduce greater levels of transparency and independence.

Key focus areas

We can help your organisation:
  • Improve Board procedures and systems
  • Conduct Board, Chair and Committee reviews
  • Identify skill gaps within in your existing Board
  • Establish a new or founding Board
  • Perform individual director performance assessments.

Our board and leadership framework model

Our best practice board and leadership framework has been designed to assist WA based businesses and organisations in improving corporate governance and leadership.We achieve this by developing and coaching Chairs, Directors, CEOs and Boards.

Leading practice guidelines 

We utilise a holistic approach and adhere to:
  • ASX listing rules
  • ASX corporate governance principles and recommendations
  • Principles of good corporate governance for boards and committees
  • ACNC corporate governance guidelines.

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