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We all experience times when we can’t come to a shared understanding around a certain situation and are stopped in our tracks. When it comes to organisations, this can be debilitating. Performance and productivity can plummet and tension can build.

Facilitation is a valuable tool that will provide structure to discussions and enable cooperative decision making for achieving effective and efficient outcomes.

How professional facilitation can benefit you

Facilitators help get things done.

Challenges and disagreements within a business or organisation can be a great opportunity for growth and collaboration. Our facilitators are experienced in a variety of methods and techniques to harness those opportunities.

By guiding positive and productive meetings we will help your team to build the commitment and focus required to implement successful strategies and solutions.

Our facilitators can help you in the following areas:
  • Strategic planning
  • Improved staff recruitment and retention
  • Management of poor performance
  • Scenario planning
  • Cultural change
  • Community consultation
  • New product innovation, development and implementation
  • Environmental/sustainability planning.

The Integral Framework for Facilitation

Facilitation is the art of stimulating deeper understanding, fresh thinking and behavioral transformation.
The Integral Facilitation Model is a process that implements the four quadrants (head, hands, heart, spirit) by engaging:
  • A clear scope, thorough planning and achieving the desired objective
  • Managing feelings and valuing participation
  • Encouraging ‘real’ team development and leader commitment
  • A structured approach with appropriate timing, materials and costs.

We use a range of facilitation tools, including:

  • SAID method
  • Brainstorming and Multivoting
  • LENS Technique
  • Thinkpad technology
  • Synetic Problem Solving
  • Scenario Planning.

Recent clients' projects

Here are just some of our recent clients:
  • Strategic planning: Monadelphous Landgate; Shire of Mundaring; Shire of Kojonup; Department of Corrective Services; Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Community Consultation: St John of God Hospital, Shire of Mundaring, Therapy Focus
  • Executive Team-building: National Lifestyle Villages, Wesfarmers Energy
  • Organisational Change: Rockingham Hospital, Hakai Prison
  • Customer Service: Shire of Broome
  • Environmental Planning Workshops: Inpex; TAFE; Derby Prison; Chevron
  • Product Innovation: Landgate
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