Change Management

Change Management

Providing a robust framework for change

Whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance. 

The importance and complexity of implementing cultural and behavioural change in today’s working environments requires the use of a clear, robust and effective change management model.

How we can help

Our experienced consultants and facilitators can help you and your organisation to:
  • Prepare for change
  • Manage the complex organisational and workforce transition to the desired end state
  • Develop the capacity to continually change—and do so without buckling under the pressure of new ways of working or disrupting your ongoing business operations.

The Integral Approach

If an organisation undergoes a value restructure and its employees do not adjust their attitudes, the culture will remain the same.

Our simple but powerful framework has been designed to assist staff and supervisors in managing an effective campaign for organisational change.

Our model of change

The following model of change describes our unique approach:

For any change to be successful, the internal and external, subjective and objective elements of organisational reality must shift.

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