Thiess Indonesia

Thiess Indonesia

The Challenge

Integral Development was engaged to design and develop a solution to the unique challenges faced by THIESS Indonesia and its international teams.

The client organisation wanted to develop local Indonesian leaders who could lead and manage the business into the future and build a high functioning executive team for the Business Services group.

The Solution

Integral Development proposed two integrated solutions:
  1. A program to meet the challenges of the High Focus Junior Emerging Leaders
  2. A three day workshop with the executive team that involved strategic goal setting.
The first was a two day program for eight leaders in Business Services which covered team building, team leadership, dealing with difficult people, problem-solving and innovation. The second involved a series of development workshops in which participants learned how to work under a new leadership style and handle organisational change.

The most significant challenge was always going to be integrating Western management practices in a way that would be suitable and harmonious with the local culture.

In response to the challenge this posed, our Integral facilitators were able to produce and present a variety of challenging material which stretched the thinking and thought processes of participants.

The result

  • Participants reported a significant improvement in their leadership skills.
  • THEISS Indonesia became more confident in young future leaders.
  • The executive team made a successful transition under their new leadership.