Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA)

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA)

Leadership development and change management

The Challenge

Integral Development was engaged to develop a program aimed at facilitating sustained behavioural change by building the interpersonal, management and leadership capabilities of MRA employees in management positions throughout the client organisation.

The client organisation wanted to ensure that the skills managers acquired over the course of the program would be applied back into the business. 

Key Redevelopment Goals

The goals to be integrated into the program included:
  • Building a sense of place and culture in the redevelopment areas
  • Promoting urban efficiency in the design and construction of infrastructure 
  • Enhancing interconnectivity and ease of access in the redevelopment areas
  • Generating economic wellbeing alongside business and employment opportunities
  • Promoting social inclusion through diverse, affordable housing in support of community
  • Enhancing environmental integrity through efficient design and ecological sustainability.

The Solution

Integral Development conducted highly relevant exercises, simulations, independent assessments and real-world projects relating to MRA organisational based issues to instil an embedded sense of sustainability in both the individual and organisation. 

Given the success of the first stream of participants attending this new program, MRA asked Integral Development to run a second stream with a new group.

Upon successful completion, participants attained a recognised Advanced Diploma of Management.


  • Participants reported an increase in their capabilities of managing large projects.
  • Managers developed a greater skillset and became more effective and efficient.
  • Participants learned the value of a leadership and management approach.