Brookfield Rail

Brookfield Rail

The Challenge

Brookfield Rail had a number of middle and senior level managers who possessed excellent technical expertise, but lacked commensurate skills in leadership and management.

With an increasingly competitive environment, managers required thorough training, development of strategic capacity and people management skills.

The Solution

Two leadership development programs were designed and delivered to Brookfield, focussing on:
  1. Strategic capabilities of senior managers
  2. Management and people skills of middle-level managers.
Both programs involved 360 coaching feedback, project presentations, and group work.

These programs enabled managers to develop a better understanding of actual business needs, such as technological innovation, process improvements, and staffing.

Participants worked on projects aimed at solving identified problems. The potential cost saving of all the projects was estimated between $100,000 to $2M.

Among proposed solutions were improvements to maintenance process, introduction of new technology, and better change management policies. 

The Results

  • Participants reported an increase in skills and competencies.
  • A number of participants were promoted.
  • Participants felt better equipped to handle issues of poor performance.