What is Executive Coaching? Retrieved From The Archive (2008)

What is Executive Coaching?  Retrieved From The Archive (2008)

29 Mar 2016

What is Executive Coaching?  Retrieved From The Archive (2008) teaser

by Jo Doyle
(Originally published 24th January 2008)

Executive coaching is a collaborative process where the coach establishes an individually tailored program to guide the aspiring novice or experienced leader in establishing clear personal and professional goals and the necessary action required to achieve them, with the aim to facilitate improved performance and accelerate professional growth and advancement. The premise of executive coaching is that you have the abilities and skills to build onwards and upwards. Executive coaching is all about change for the better and it is up to you to embrace the opportunities the coaching process offers.

At Integral Development, this process begins with your completion of the 3600 Leadership & Management Profile, which is then assessed by the coach to determine individual strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas of focus for your personal and professional development.

There follows a confidential session with the coach to review your 360 Leadership & Management Profile assessment and your personal and professional aspirations. Depending on what you want to gain, your coach may:

  • Explore areas like your belief systems, values and internal perspectives
  • Listen to your expression of ideas, frustrations, options and challenges
  • Guide you through a different perspective for looking at situations, ideas, self and others.

Next, you establish with the coach a development plan of action based on the SMART goal technique. To facilitate learning and change this may include ‘homework’ (eg prescribed reading). After the plan has been implemented, in further confidential sessions, the role of the coach is to:

  • Be the cornerstone that supports your accountability for implementing and progressing through your action plan.
  • Review your progress through your action plan, further explore your options and fine-tune your action plan and perspective.
  • Encourage and facilitate meaningful direction that contributes to your motivation and helping you to stay focused on your goals.
  • Be the sounding board for celebration, acknowledgement and praise of your successes.

How is Integral Development executive coaching different?

Integral Theory, described as the new paradigm for the 21st century in providing a holistic way for us to perceive ourselves and the purpose of work in organisations, was adapted by Dr Ron Cacioppe to create Integral Development’s unique form of executive coaching. This blends the levels of human and organisational development established by recent research with the four major dimensions of human activity – effectiveness, efficiency, personal wellbeing and culture.

Who would benefit from executive coaching?

The short answer is that anyone can benefit from executive coaching, but willingness to prepare, engage and commit are key elements to a successful coaching experience, because resistance to change will impede your progress. Occasionally, for some, the coaching process can be uncomfortable as your coach guides you through confronting personal truths and encourages you to think, feel and act in ways that may be outside your comfort zone.

Your answers to the following questions will be a good indication of whether you could benefit from executive coaching:

  • Do you feel that you have reached an impasse in your professional and/or personal life?
  • Have you identified areas in your professional/personal life that you wish to address and change?
  • Are you feeling dissatisfied with your achievements?
  •  Do you feel that you are not living to your full potential?
  •  Do you feel unsure about your short- and long-term goals or that you have no direction in your life?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you have good reason to consider coaching. If you wish to proceed with or further discuss executive coaching (either personally or on behalf of staff in your organisation), please contact Antonia Clissa, Director Coaching Services

Antonia Clissa
Director Coaching Services
Telephone (08) 9242 8122

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