Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Inspiring leaders and creating great places to work

Our philosophy offers a way of looking at the world from an integrated perspective. We invite you to explore deeper and more meaningful reasons for being part of something bigger than the self.

While we do not define our organisation as a spiritual one, we do believe in bringing a sense of harmony into the workplace.  

Our core values

The Integral philosophy is underpinned by:
  • An unconditional respect for our staff and clients
  • A commitment to doing valuable work that benefits society
  • A belief in the benefits of enriched workplace environments.

Our culture and clients

Inclusive cultures where connectedness is key.

We strive to create an open, supportive and honest organisational culture where our staff, consultants and clients feel at home.

Our ideal clients

We wish to work with customers who:
  • Maintain ethical and moral practices
  • Treat our staff with respect and regard
  • Make positive contributions to their own customers.

Success markers

We can help you achieve excellence in:
  • Commercial success
  • Organisational efficiency
  • Ethical and moral behaviour
  • Social responsibility.