Gerry Gulla

Gerry Gulla

Consultant & Coach

Gerry has extensive knowledge of working in the Public and Private Sectors and has worked for various companies ranging from medium sized to large international conglomerates. 
Her goal is to create a safe and professional environment whilst maintaining confidentiality and objectivity. Her style is to ‘question’ and ‘challenge’ the status quo with a focus on solutions that address the core issues and the need to find the best possible smart solutions.


Consulting | Facilitation | Coaching

Another key component of Gerry’s various roles has been coaching and performance management at all levels of organisations from Administration through to Senior Executive. 

Her focus has been to help and support individual’s to flourish both personally and in their workplace by assisting them to grow, develop and expand their horizons, encouraging them to face and remove their self limiting beliefs.  Gerry has wide ranging experience in supporting individuals in articulating and developing goals while providing them with comprehensive strategies to achieve them.


Having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ireland, Gerry moved to London where she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources at the University of Westminster and a Certificate in Psychodynamic counselling.  Through her continued professional development she progressed to professional member of the UK Chartered Institute of Professional Development. Since moving to Perth, Gerry has successfully gained a membership of the Australian Human Resources Institute and is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia. She continues her professional growth and development through these organisations.

Industry experience

Gerry has over 25 years experience in business and human resource sectors having worked in numerous international markets including London and Dublin with secondments in New York and Tokyo prior to immigrating to Perth 12 years ago.  This international exposure has provided Gerry with in-depth business experience and knowledge on the influences and demands of integrating corporate strategy into daily business.  It has also given Gerry the opportunity to provide effective and smart solutions to complex workforces and address the various human resources issues, which arise from working in international and multicultural environments.
She coaches individuals and managers and assists them to reach their true potential and improve their work performance through clarifying and setting challenging goals.  Having a consultative and facilitative approach allows Gerry to build positive relationship and smart solutions that address the real issues raised.
Recent and repeat clients include:

Gerry has experience of working across various industries including
  • Education
  • Public Sector
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Recruitment.


Outside of her work pursuits, Gerry is an active contributor to her local community participating in various voluntary support services and fund raising.  Gerry also has a very keen interest in yoga, meditation and massage.  She is particularly interested in the connection between body, spirit and mind.

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