Manners Maketh Man

Manners Maketh Man

13 Apr 2018

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Travis here. Fresh off the boat from Sydney for a conference, client chats and visits to innovation hot spots. Today's newsletter focuses on Perth from a Sydney perspective, people disrupting people, line cutters and insider tips to accessing invaluable data as a leader and lastly, a request from you (for you).
Everyone loves conference swag. Of all the rubbish, this was my favourite item. I'll cherish it forever:
I think I'm in love
I'm a geek. Always have been, always will be. This week I spent three days in Sydney attending the Amazon AWS Summit. Three days of innovation. Nirvana.
Tech, culture and case studies. I was frothing. I also got to meet with a few leading edge organisations that are fostering great leadership and innovation every day. It was a good chance to learn a lot, which I am already rolling into our consulting work, and also to reinforce some of the great things Integral and our customers are doing to foster culture and innovation.
Perth cops it for being a 'boring old mining town'. I can't count on one hand the number of times conversation went like this:
  • Person: "Where are your offices"
  • Me: "Perth"
  • Person: "Do you work for (insert mining company name)"
  • Me: "We have, but Perth is so much more. Perth is doing (insert awesome organisation and project)"

We've got heaps of great work happening here in Perth and I am glad to be back. Sydney traffic is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Expect to hear more about culture, leadership and innovation in upcoming newsletters. It's what leaders have to focus on and it's what we love.
Geeks Rule the World
Disruption is all the rage at the moment. This then usually follows some conversation about how do we 'disrupt' our industry, sector, government, etc. That sounds good, but let's zoom in a bit. While in Sydney, I had the chance to catch up with a great multinational legal firm with over a hundred years in industry about their pursuit on innovation..
To shift the conversation, we moved from the term 'disruption' to a focus on what it meant on the ground in everyday life. The consensus? Innovation (and its knock on disruption) requires some major paradigm shifts that focus on a look beyond incremental improvement to order of magnitude changes. I'm not saying incremental innovation doesn't have its place. Quite the contrary, my experience and advice was that 85-90% of innovation should be incremental. These are the things that keep organisations efficient and adaptive.

The other 10-15% of innovation needs to be seismic. Examples of this where I've worked on projects / seen first hand (without divulging commercially sensitive info) are projects like the future of how we purchase homes, the transition from car ownership to utilitsation of communal assets e.g. the car owned by one in-turn services a whole community. These are industry disruptors. The kicker; NONE of these came from some multi-million dollar corporate lab. They ALL came from on the ground leaders. 
 Yep, your own people.
When someone throws disruption at you again: 1. Tell them to stop disrupting you (seriously, open plans are bad enough without buzz words) 2. Ask them (and their team) what great new order of magnitude innovation do they have in mind? Build from there, it's the first step. It's time to unpack a deeper conversation.
Stop disrupting me, Bob. I've got isht to do.
Manners, hm
A good reminder to practice 'letting go'. I was in queue for a registration thing at the previously mentioned conference and this guy cuts me (and the people behind me) in line. Tempted to say something humorous to him, instead I just let it go. We spend a lot of time with leaders and our own staff working through picking your battles and letting go when people simply act like people.
Letting go ties really well into mindfulness practices and an understanding that the negative thoughts and energy spent on saying or thinking about the issue at great length often detracts from the positive things we should be working on. The kicker? The guy signs in as the CIO of one of Australia's largest publicly listed companies. Oy vey! Gave me a good chuckle. Also, a good reminder that being a conscious person is a choice.
CB can ya hear me? (get it?)
As leaders, we have to be on the ball with data driven insights. The problem is there is so much isht on the web that is pure hyperbole (e.g. opinions on opinions). Making decisions based on opinions isn't a new thing, but it doesn't make it any less dangerous. One of the absolute treasure troves of data driven yet completely humorous insights comes from CB Insights.
I read it every. single. day. Why? Industry market maps, transitions in tech, emerging trends in organisations. You name it, they've got it. The bonus, most of the great write-ups and market maps are free. Yep, free. I've used them with several clients. Example below of executive survey results around selling ideas internally.
Subscribe to their daily email using the link below (that way I get credit for the referral). I promise it'll be one of the best emails you receive.
Humour, bringing life to data has never been better.
Tell me what you want, I hate guessing games
It's impossible to please 5k+ subscribers, but we can make sure we hit the common themes and topics the masses want. With that in mind, I'd love to hear what else you'd like to see more of. A few things:
  • Culture, leadership, innovation and strategy are bread and butter topics for us. They will always have a place here
  • Humour is a staple. It's not going away (even if it's awful)
With that in mind, fire away. If you are happy with things as is, that works too. Let us know either way. 

Make Shift Happen. Happy Friday!


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