Jargon, automation and pranks.. Oh my!

Jargon, automation and pranks.. Oh my!

06 Apr 2018

Jargon, automation and pranks.. Oh my! teaser
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Happy Easter Fool's Day!

Me again! (Jenny).
I'm back from the Easter long weekend with a belly full of chocolate and a touch of regret. Regret about the chocolate? No way.
I regret not making the most of Easter Sunday coinciding with April Fools Day!

Earlier this week I saw this video on Jimmy Kimmel and I WISH I'd seen it with time to prepare myself. The amount of people I know who love Cadbury Creme Eggs exceeds my fingers and toes, so I missed an opportunity here. 

In this newsletter we will look at the use of Jargon and its implications on organisational culture, then cover automation in the workplace and how to make life easier than you think it can be.

Enjoy the light reading while getting stuck into a hot cross bun.

Stop the jargon

AFAIK I am definitely not the GOAT at learning and using acronyms. In fact, IMO over-use of it IRL just comes across as snooty. OMG, save me some confusion and say those extra syllables! *SMH* 
TIL that my colleagues don't like this either, but we all get suckered into using them because we think it's 'the norm'.  It's the same with industry jargon, and it seems to be getting worse.

-confusing acronyms end here- 
(Full list of definitions can be found here)

Here is the definition of jargon:
  1. special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand.
So why do we feel the need to complicate things that should be simple? And what about the newer employees who have to pretend they understand the crazy terminology and acronyms being flung around the office. It is a power-trip or simple laziness in saying the full words? 

In complex organisations with heavy documentation requirements like healthcare, engineering and other technical fields jargon can save lots of time when the language is commonly used and widely understood to have a clear, objective definition. 

In other organisations like GM (see here), jargon seeped into the culture and affected deep organisational issues, resulting in negative outcomes. An investigation into this jargon centred culture found that leaders hid behind the jargon to mask their real intentions, used the jargon to blur responsibilities and created barriers to critical thinking that was important to the organisation delivering on key objectives. The misuse and culture surrounding jargon needs to be thoroughly managed and leaders have to seek to remove jargon or create a clear, well defined definition of what the term in question represents.

Ok, I am AFK
The joy of automation

I recently had a crash course in setting up the automation of some medial tasks that were quite simply wasting my time. During this process, I was introduced to my new best friend.. Zapier.
Zapier is just one of many apps that allows you to set up automatic processes between programs such as Dropbox, Outlook, Google docs and social media platforms. This was a revelation!

So why had I never looked into automation programs before? 
And why are so many other businesses still manually performing many of these time-consuming tasks?

Studies show that most workers aren't afraid of automation, they just don't fully understand it. If that's you, I urge you to dip your toe in the water and explore what office automation can do for you. What simple tasks are eating up your time? It's worth thinking about. For a few examples of the capabilities of these programs (and a little inspiration), have a squiz at this article.

Now you can have another hot cross bun with the time you've regained.
I see you there...
Most people get really annoyed or defensive when competitors join their mailing list. We've had at least a dozen join in the last month alone.

We don't agree with the "Us vs Them" mentality. Sure, we are a business and compete just as others do but Perth is way too small and we recognise that the quality of work we (and others) deliver will speak for itself. So, welcome to all those who've recently joined.

Feel free to tell us how we are doing, we'd love to hear from any of our readers ;-)

Dr Jemma Green to give IWIL keynote address

Time flies when you’re having fun… and making meaningful change. We’re in the final throes of organising our eighth Integral Women in Leadership program – a program that has gathered almost 100 alumni since it started in 2014, and consistently receives 95-100% approval ratings from our participants. A deep-dive, 4.5 day program modelled on the world’s most transformative programs for women, the program includes personalised feedback, individual and group coaching, topic-based sessions from experienced facilitators, and an opportunity for participants to evaluate their current situation and leave with an action plan for their future success.
Each program commences with a keynote from a high-profile woman who inspires participants, their supporters, and our special guests with her story. We are delighted to announce that this year’s keynote is innovator extraordinaire, Dr Jemma Green, founder of Power Ledger, former Acting Lord Mayor of Perth and previous winner of a 40 under 40 award.

More details on the Integral Women in Leadership program can be found here. We are accepting registrations for May 2018 intake for a short time only, so if you or any women you know  would be interested in attending, please let us know ASAP! (PS. Women are often reluctant to put themselves forward for development opportunities – and having a sponsor is one of the best ways to see women advance in leadership. Who could you support to come on this program?)

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Warmer regards (I'm developing feelings for y'all now),


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