Biased in the back

Biased in the back

27 Apr 2018

Biased in the back teaser
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Today's newsletter is short, we've been running our legs off with proposals these past few weeks! Having said that, we're all busy and spending time to improve the team can get lost in the busyness.

Last week, we shut the office down for our quarterly company development day. It's no small commitment to shut the office completely once a quarter for the day, but it's always worth it. Today's newsletter will cover on a few key topics from the day like the anti-training approach to unconscious bias and triggering people, to name a couple.
Consultants consulting to Consultants = Consult-ception. Leo would be proud.
The problem with bias training
Most unconscious bias training has been reduced to 'tick and flick' compliance training. This means it gets categorised by attendees in the same inconvenience bucket as fire drills, safety walk-throughs and 'status meetings'. Yuck.

Most unconscious bias training is awful and borderline offensive. The root of this problem is two fold:
  1. I am the problem - Whether you are the one with the bias or the victim of the bias, many training approaches leave participants feeling like it's a Me vs Them type situation.
  2. I have a problem, now what? - Training is often short and compliance focused, without follow-up. When this happens, participants might discover biases and be left without a solution or way forward. Knowing you have a bias isn't a solution. Having ways to course correct is far more effective.

Context is key. When we ran our PD session, we started by looking at three things that form a whole lot of how we think about the world:
  1. Our Core Values and Beliefs
  2. Our Chosen Characteristics and Interests (career, hobbies, etc.)
  3. Our Given Attributes (e.g. birth place, race, etc.)
By starting with these three areas, we get to know a bit more about each other and our individual context. From there, we move to the unpacking and way forward focus. A simple training session doesn't solve this. It's a combination of follow-ups and culture shifts within the organisation. Values alignment, process and people knowledge all have to line up to make this work.

Want to learn more? Google has a fantastic set of slides that can help spark the conversation here (you're welcome ;-) )

Want to see people battling bias in action? There is a great video by Heineken below on biases and people finding a way forward. 

Bias responsibly
This New Heineken Ad is Briliant #OpenYourWorld
Open Your World
The team at Integral is pretty functional and perform well together, but sometimes we trigger each other. It happens. We wanted to better understand why, so we all completed a PRINT® Profile and had a group debrief.

Everyone has core motivations that drive their actions and behaviours. PRINT® reveals what these motivators are and in doing so, clarifies what is needed to bring out people’s best. It helps unleash the potential that lies within all people. Knowing “Why” accelerates successful growth and transformation and enables individuals to become exceptional leaders and groups to build high performing teams.  The PRINT® Survey and Trigger Report provides this vital information. The Careers Report generated by PRINT® can be used in recruitment and to check role alignment and subsequent engagement of individuals.

Using the PRINT® has been helpful following the session. We chat about what works well for certain people (for example, I'm a 9 and value big picture stuff while others just want to enjoy life) and how best to work together given our needs and our triggers. Even had a team member today tell me I was triggering her (nicely). It helped. Means we know when to pull the brakes or try another tact. 

Having team issues?  Staff member under performing? Work or personal relationship problems? PRINT® might be a good start to creating that high performance outcome.

Interested? Shoot us a message and we can help work with you and PRINT®.

Triggered on a Friday

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