A little tender-ness

A little tender-ness

29 Mar 2018

A little tender-ness teaser
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Greetings and salutations

Why, hello there! Pleased to meet you. I'm Jenny and I'll be filling in for Travis on our newsletter for the next 2 weeks. Holding his 'baby', if you will. NO PRESSURE! 
I figured it would be best if I stick to topics I know, provide some insights from a new employee and, most importantly, keep you entertained and reading until the end.
Translation; This will be fun.

I just hope that this picture isn't representative of the hand-back in 2 weeks time..

Love me tender 

Ahhh, tenders. Gotta love them! We've been chipping away at a tender submission this week, hoping that it doesn't end in a sprint to the finish line. But these things can easily happen, especially when you realise that you've overlooked something because it was listed somewhere other than the 'Requirements' section. 

So, how do you make the process of submitting a tender a stress-free process? Let ZenJen guide you:
  • Checklists, checklists, checklists
If you're drowning in checklists, you're doing it right! Create a document with everything you still need to do. Strike it out once the task is done (trust me, it's therapeutic) and colour code text as to who's responsible for what. 
  • Pace Yo-self
If you can complete a section now, do it now. Nothing worse than thinking "That's easy, I'll do it later" because these will potentially add to the panic at the end. This mistake is super avoidable!
  • Notify everyone else who's involved as early as possible
Relying on other people can be worrying at the best of times. Make sure anyone who is involved in submitting content is given PLENTY of warning. You'll thank yourself later. 
  • Be kind to yourself
You've got this! Breathe, focus and trust in your abilities. You wouldn't be applying if you weren't equipped for the task at hand. 
  • Ask for feedback 
You can't win them all, unfortunately. But you can learn from your mistakes. Stop moping and ask for feedback. Request to speak to the decision makers directly and take notes. Keep a record of this feedback and look for trends amongst it. 

So, what if you're not the Tender-Superstar in the office? Here are some tips on how you can support them during crunch time:

-Bring them tea, coffee, biscuits, panadol..
-Respect their need to focus
-Answer phones or queries for them, if you can
-Organise Friday after-work drinks so they can switch off and relax

Good luck Tender-Friends!
When the Boss is away..
(the employees will play?)
It's always a bit strange when the organisational leader takes leave. Especially in a smaller company.

"Who else can sign for that?"
"Where do we keep the laminator?"
"Is running out of biscuits a legitimate excuse to 'Slack' Travis about while he's in Thailand?!"

You genuinely feel a little lost! 

I came across the following article (I use that term loosely) titled '12 things to do when your boss isn't in the office'. It was published by Glamour Magazine in the UK, so you know it's reputable, and you can find it here

Don't worry, Travis. I promise we are doing none of those 12 things.

While that list is entertaining, it's also a sure way to end up on performance management! So I found a better list of tips here, titled 'Do these 5 things while your boss is away to get promoted'. 
Now you'll be set for success when they inevitably take their leave. 

P.S. My celebrity height twin is Beyonce.
LOL of the week
Because if you can't laugh, you'll cry
Quick spruik:
The next Integral Diploma of Leadership and Management is commencing in September. If this qualification interests you, a friend or colleague, shoot us an enquiry.

-end spruik-

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Make Shift Happen and enjoy your long weekend! 

Warm regards (not love yet. We've only just met),

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