Integral Theory

Integral Theory

Discover a new and meaningful way of seeing yourself

Integral Theory forms the foundation of our work here at Integral Development.

It is a powerful cross-cultural comparison that provides a reliable assessment for the mapping of human skills, abilities and behaviours.

Integral Theory has two main points of difference:
  • It does not require a person to adopt anything new
  • It points to and identifies the potential people already possess.

The Integral approach

We know what works, and how to drive results.

Understanding how people define their sense of self is what drives our multi-dimensional approach, and our ability to obtain actionable insights.

Integral Theory is divided into the following segments, central to the idea of the ‘authentic self’.

Integral Theory also encompasses four following major modes of study.

The Integral Theory is incorporated into everything we do in our own organisation as well as the services we provide to you.

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