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Why Executive Coaching is Essential for Growing your Business

Executive Coaching

In today’s competitive business environment, leadership development training and executive coaching are vital ingredients for sustained success. In a market like Perth, where many businesses have “raised the bar” concerning quality and performance, it is essential for organisations to develop leadership from within by empowering and enabling present and future leaders to progress within the organisation.

Organisational Benefits

Integral Leadership Coaching is based on integral theory, which produces a comprehensive program of development and learning for managers and leaders. Integral Leadership Coaching is customised for each individual, helping the individual through self-directed learning, producing personal growth and increased work performance.

The end result of Integral Leadership Coaching is an organisation full of strong leaders whose individual performance contributes to team success, and strengthens the organisation.

This is accomplished by identifying key employees and their skill gaps. Then, a clear, customised, supportive developmental path for the individual is formulated. Employees become more motivated, and work from a position of strength and well-being. They become more able to affect and manage change.

When employees are better equipped to lead and perform, it creates a stronger, more effective organisation which can not only compete, but thrive in today’s business environment.

Individual Benefits

High achievers are often so focused on achievement that they don’t receive enough outside input to provide versatility or promote development. Executive coaching helps executives increase their own performance and help them with both individual and organisational goals.

Executive coaching starts with the identification of strengths and aspects that require further development. Teaching is then customised for individual needs. This gives executives an opportunity to experience powerful growth, personally and professionally, in an environment of support.

Typical outcomes include increased capacity to manage stress, an upgrading of interpersonal management techniques. The program gives executives a chance to pause, step back, and observe their own performance, resulting in the opportunity to create new strategies.

Executive coaching also allows executives to be challenged by an objective observer, while benefiting from an outsider’s insight. The primary objective is for the executive to experience a results-oriented, solution-focused process that addresses the specific personal and professional needs of the executive.

Studies have shown that coaching provides significant benefits for organisations through increasing the effectiveness of employees. Coaching has been proven to work better than a traditional “training program” where learning is by rote, due to its flexibility and focus on the individual’s needs. Maximum benefits are usually obtained from between three and five sessions.

What Separates the Integral Approach from Mainstream Programs?

The Integral Leadership and Management Competency framework was created by Professor Ron Cacioppe of the UWA Graduate School of Management. It is the result of twenty years of painstaking research into the nature of leadership and management.

The Integral Leadership and Management framework was modelled after the Competing Values Framework of Robert Quinn, and also integrates the work of Harvard Professor John Kotter, which identifies and distinguishes the differences between management and leadership.

However, the main inspiration and focus of the Integral Leadership and Management framework is the philosophy of Ken Wilber and his work regarding integral theory. Integral theory assimilates elements from virtually every scientific and spiritual field involving thought across the history of man, including eastern and western philosophy, quantum physics, sociology, and psychology.

Unlike other programs, the Integral approach incorporates efficiency, effectiveness, culture, and well-being to produce organisational development through individual development. All of the concepts used in the Integral approach are backed by solid, contemporary research.

Many describe Integral Theory as the “new paradigm for the 21st century” due to its departure from traditional methods. Integral Theory provides a more holistic framework from which to view ourselves and our purpose within an organisation.

The Integral framework is, by nature, customised for the specific and unique needs of the individual and the organisation.

Integral Development offers a full suite of services, all based on the Integral Approach and Integral Theory. Our services include leadership development and training, strategic planning, management consulting, facilitation, surveys, team building, and governance. Many Perth organisations have found that they experience a synergistic effect when utilising more than one of our services.

This synergy is due to the fact that all of our services, courses, programs, and coaching sessions are based on Integral Theory, producing a depth of growth that is rare in traditional programs. Most organisations are so satisfied with the results of any of our services that they immediately ask about our other services.

Organisations which have had everyone from employees to executives benefit from our programs have often experienced exponential growth, due to increased efficiency, better focus, and a greater sense of purpose.

Call (08) 9242 8122 to learn more about executive coaching.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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