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Tips for Motivating Employees after Excessive Change

Motivating Employees by Leadership Development Provider

In the current age, business is more competitive than ever. This has caused many organisations to trim away every ounce of excess and demand more from executives and employees alike. Trimming of staff members and budgets often create a corporate environment where people feel overworked and underpaid.

In workplaces that have recently undergone excessive change, employee morale and production can suffer. Employees are fearful of more cuts costing their jobs and are afraid to express their displeasure. Nobody wants to appear to be a “weak link,” so they tend to ask for less help and work more as individuals than as a team.

So, how can executives of an organisation that has just undergone massive change rebuild employee motivation and morale? It is difficult, but it can be done. Here are some techniques that have worked in the past for many firms.

Relevance to Company Mission

Employees usually feel better about their jobs if they feel their tasks are relevant to the company mission. They must feel that their work is essential and that they are important to the company. This is accomplished by making sure that every employee clearly understands how his or her work relates to the company mission and why it is relevant.

Opportunities for Positive Contributions

Similar to relevance, employees need to know that they can use their expertise and skills to make a difference or a positive contribution to the organisation. They need to be given opportunities in this direction and they need to be informed that they are contributing.

Control over Future and Work Environment

When a company has just made major staff and budget cuts, those who remain often feel that they have no control over their future or their work environment. It is essential that employees feel that they do have control—providing a solid projected career path for growth and development is the best way to accomplish this.

New Tools and Support

Integral Development offers a leadership development program and executive coaching which provide tools for growth and promote an environment of support. Based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, our leadership courses combine the best of over 6,000 years of human thought to develop individuals and organisations to their fullest potential. Call our Perth office: 1300 176 789.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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