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The Challenges Faced by Women in Leadership

Leadership Development Programs for Women

At Integral Development, our management courses and leadership development programs have helped both men and women in the Perth area maximise their leadership potentials. Though many challenges are common to men and women, there are certain challenges that women face alone.

Social and Legal Change

Beginning in the late 1960’s and continuing through the early 1980’s, women transitioned from having virtually no rights in the workplace to having legally mandated equal opportunity. Such concepts as equal pay and paid maternity leave were actualised by legislation including the Federal Sex Discrimination Act of 1984 and the Affirmative Action Act from 1986.

The Wage Gap

While equal opportunity legislation has been successful at helping more women enter the workplace, equality has lagged behind. In 1950, the average female wage was an estimated 75% of what males were paid. Currently, women’s average wages are estimated at 84% of what men make, for a rise of 9% in over 60 years.

The Time Gap

Many women feel trapped between the past and the present. They still practice division of labour at home under a system designed for an era when the man was the breadwinner and women worked at home. When work done at home by working mothers is added to a typical full-time work week, they have less disposable time than any other demographic group.

The Employment and Promotion Gap

Numerous studies between 1995 and now have documented bias towards men when hiring and promoting employees. In 1997, more than 33% of respondents of a study admitted that they preferred to employ men. According to a 2004 study, men recruit in favour of men by a 90/10 ratio, while women tend to recruit 50/50.

The statistics prove that women are far less likely to be promoted to leadership positions than men. Women only comprise 12% of executive managers of ASX200 companies, with only three women attaining executive level from 2004-2007. In 2007, two or more females sat on the boards of only 13.5% of Australian companies, for a rise from 2004’s 10%.

In 2006, the Forbes 100 most powerful women list had no Australian women.

One Possible Solution

Integral Development leadership training and executive coaching in Perth encourage merit-based promotions and equality in the workplace. Call (08) 9242 8122 to learn more.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

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