Integral Team Effectiveness Measure (ITEM)

Executive & Work Team survey

The ITEM questionnaire is designed to evaluate a team’s current position in terms of being an Integral Team. After answering this concise survey, the team receives a report describing areas in which it is performing well and areas that are in need of improvement.

What is Integral TeamWork?

Integral TeamWork produces an extraordinary team – a team which performs in each moment with a clear focus and effective actions.

There is a common saying that in a team 1+1=3 which means that when people perform well together they achieve more than they do as individuals. Another way of describing high performing teamwork is that 1+1=1. When individuals truly work as a team they lose their separateness and work together as one. This experience of oneness is not an abstract concept but describes what occurs when people are fully in the present moment working together.

When people are a real team their attention is centred on the point called the ‘working surface’ – the common point where the teamwork is being done. At this point, team members are not separate individuals but transcend their separate sense of self or ego, to merge into a flow of oneness. One person plus one other person really does become one!

How can Integral TeamWork help your organisation?

  • Increase team effectiveness and performance to achieve team objectives.
  • Provide a team with tools and processes that result in continuous learning and development.
  • Improve team effectiveness by enabling team members to develop systems that can fulfil their vision and needs.
  • Develop personal wellbeing by appreciating and respecting the individuals on the team and their contributions.
  • Establish a special sense of team that transcends individual egos and contributes positively to the organisation, environment and society.

The ITEM report

Each member of the team will receive a report that summarises the results of the questionnaires completed by the members. The report includes scores and graphs for the six elements of effective teamwork and the four quadrants of balanced Integral teamwork.

The Six Elements of Effective Teamwork

The Four Quadrants of TeamWork

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