Integral Organisation Survey

The essential staff attitude and organisational culture survey

The Integral Organisation Survey (IOS) provides feedback on the key aspects that are essential to being a successful and sustainable organisation.

The profile gives a picture of where your organisation is situated as a whole and in specific areas in need of improvement. Recommendations are provided with suggested actions that will enable your organisation to move beyond its current level of development by increasing its capacity in critical areas.

What does the IOS measure?

The IOS is tailor made and is based on over 25 years of research around the extraordinary and powerful concepts of Integral organisational and human development described by Dr Ron Cacioppe and Ken Wilber.

The IOS measures performance and development in four quadrants: effectiveness, efficiency, culture and wellbeing. It also includes the level of development of the organisation, the team and the individual.

The Integral Organisation Survey provides a truly balanced scorecard of organisational performance and provides both qualitative and quantitative results, comparable over time and with other organisations.

Integral Organisation Indicator

At the core of the survey are 32 standard Integral Organisation Indicator (IOI) questions that measure people’s perceptions of their work experience and environment. The IOI indicates the level of progress towards becoming an ideal organisation that performs in a balanced way across the four quadrants of effectiveness, efficiency, culture and wellbeing.

Your results are compared to the National Survey Average (NSA) based on over 17,000 responses and over 130 organisations. You are also able to benchmark your results against other similar organisations to get a sense of your level of progress.

What is the IOS process?

The Integral Organisation Survey is generated by using the following process:

  • Define the key dimensions to be surveyed.
  • Formulate benchmarked and tailored questions.
  • Collect data and compile profile reports.
  • Feedback profile results to managers.
  • Recommend plan of action.
  • Follow-up survey to measure improvements.

Staff and management focus groups are often used to develop solutions to the issues raised in the survey.

Integral Development consultants are also available to assist you to make the targeted changes in your organisation.

Current relevant issues

In addition to the standard set of 32 questions, further questions can be asked that address current relevant issues for your organisation. For example, your survey could comprise questions specifically related to corporate direction or to the quality of communication. These questions are specifically tailored to gain feedback on the key issues that are relevant to your organisation over the next few years.

Demographic and open-ended questions

Demographic and open-ended questions are also included. These questions are tailored to gain further insight into what really occurs within your organisation.

Who has used the IOS process?

Organisations that have benefited from using this process include Insurance Commission of WA, Telstra, Western Power, WA Health Department, Tiwest Joint Venture, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, City of Perth, East Perth Redevelopment Authority, Midland Brick, Monadelphous and many other public and private organisations.

How do staff complete the survey?

The Integral Organisation Survey can be completed online or by using paper-based questionnaires.

What will the results consist of?

Each participating section of your organisation receives information that contains the following:

  • An Integral development map of the organisation.
  • A full-colour graphical and numerical representation of the results.
  • Summary results which show question scores and scores for each participating section as well as the organisation as a whole.
  • Results may also be cross-tabulated with the demographic data collected.
  • A summary of responses to the open-ended questions.
  • A professional report analysing the results and providing recommendations.

How reliable is the data?

Over 17,000 survey participants from a wide range of work groups have completed the IOS. The standard questions have been tested to ensure validity and reliability of results. Over 25 years of experience with the IOS has shown that the results make sense to people and consistently distinguish high performing organisations from low to moderate performing organisations with accuracy.


What will the results tell our managers?

The IOS provides the following information for each level of your organisation:

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