Integral Leadership and Management Profile

Individual 360°

The Integral LMP is a 360° feedback process designed to help you with your personal and professional development. 360° feedback means that you get feedback from your peers, your subordinates and your superordinates. You therefore get a well rounded and reliable assessment of your leadership and managerial effectiveness.

The LMP is based on the Integral Model of Leadership and Management. This model and the term ‘Integral’ are derived from the work of Ken Wilber. Aspects of Quinn’s competing values framework are also incorporated in the model.

Integral means that, in order to understand the world, we need a holistic and multiple-perspective. Any single perspective is likely to be partial or limited and by taking multiple perspectives can we gain a better understanding of reality.

What can 360° feedback tell managers?

The primary purpose of the 360°feedback is to identify development opportunities. Research has demonstrated that 360°feedback is a powerful process in achieving developmental outcomes as you receive a more rounded and reliable assessment of your leadership and managerial effectiveness.

Customisation of the LMP

Integral Development can customise the LMP for your specific requirements.

Vital organisation skills

Up to twelve questions can be added to the questionnaire that cover vital skills specific to your organisation’s strategic directions.

Comparison norms

The LMP shows the average score of a larger group with which to compare your individual ratings. You can select the comparison group you wish to use – for instance, the particular program you are attending; your organisation; the public sector; all LMP users.

The Integral 360° process

A 360° feedback process can be used with individual managers, incorporated into management development programs, or rolled out as a development initiative throughout the company.

Integral Development recommends the following process to maximise the benefits of using the Integral Leadership and Management Profile.

  1. Customisation of questions (if relevant).
  2. Introduction to the 360° process.
  3. Online collection of data and compilation of feedback reports.
  4. Debrief session with personal coach.
  5. Follow-up coaching sessions to facilitate personal and professional development.
  6. Re-conduct 360° review a year later to assess progress.

To enhance the development cycle, Integral Development provides professional coaching as a follow-up service. Research shows that 360° feedback combined with ongoing coaching is one of the most effective methods of leadership development.

What will the feedback consist of?

The LMP report consists of a number of graphs that summarise the feedback for each participant as follows:

  • Four major functions that define leadership and management effectiveness.
  • Eight key leadership and management roles.
  • Thirty-two specific skills and abilities associated with leadership and management effectiveness.
  • Twelve Authentic Self skills that are the foundation for successful leadership.
  • Up to twelve vital organisation skills (optional).
  • A summary of the skills and behaviours for which you score highest and those for which you score lowest.
  • A set of five questions that identify the major focus of your attention in managing and leading others (optional).
  • Open comments made by raters.

A development workbook is also provided to help in the identification of strengths, areas for improvement and action steps to implement your personal development plan. Your coach will assist with this.

Who has used the LMP?

The LMP has been used with over 3,000 Australian public and private sector managers in organisations that include Wesfarmers, Alinta, Woodside, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Monadelphous, Burswood Resort Casino, City of Perth, CALM and CBH Group.

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