Frontline Management Profile (FMP)

Individual 360° for frontline supervisors managers.

The Frontline Management Profile (FMP) gathers feedback on participants’ skills and behaviours across the elements and major competency areas of the National Frontline Competency Framework. The feedback is also presented in terms of the Integral model, which helps participants to assess their skills and behaviours from a holistic perspective. This also helps to identify where development is most required in order to provide balance and optimum effectiveness.

The feedback is gathered from the participant’s manager, colleagues and subordinates (360° feedback). FMP provides a starting point for a participant to discuss with their manager, assessor or trainer their development needs.

Benefits of using the FMP

The Frontline Management Profile can:

  • Be tailored to suit your needs – we can include elements from your competency matrix.
  • Report at an individual, group or organisational level.
  • Easily compare self-ratings to others.
  • Provide a baseline from which change can be assessed.
  • Be administered as paper-based or online.

The Integral 360° process

A 360° feedback process can be used with individual managers, incorporated into management development programs, or rolled out as a development initiative throughout the company.

Integral Development recommends the following process to maximise the benefits of using the FMP.

  1. Customisation of questions (if relevant).
  2. Introduction to the 360° process.
  3. Online collection of data and compilation of feedback reports.
  4. Debrief session with professional coach.
  5. Follow-up coaching sessions to facilitate personal and professional development.
  6. Repeat the 360° survey a year later to assess progress.

To enhance the development cycle, Integral Development provides professional coaching as a follow-up service. Research shows that 360° feedback combined with ongoing coaching is one of the most effective methods of leadership development.

What does the feedback consist of?

The FMP is designed to be simple and straightforward so it is useful for the frontline supervisor. The following gives an example of the type of information a supervisor receives:

  • A graphical report for each respondent, showing his or her ratings across elements and competencies.
  • Graphical reports comparing self-ratings with other ratings.
  • Graphical reports comparing self-ratings to organisational and section ratings.

How does feedback assist managers and participants?

Feedback can help managers and participants to:

  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement for the individual / section / organisation.
  • Compare individual’s results with others in the section or organisation.
  • Complete a development plan specific to the individual.

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