Strategic Planning

Strategy and effective planning are essential. Strategic, business, and marketing plans are key operational tools used to focus and drive your organisation’s activities. They identify where you want to go and how to get there. They help you examine the business you are in and focus on the key challenges you have to overcome in the future.

Practical strategic and business plans aren’t easy to put together. They take time, thought and input from your board, key stakeholders, managers and staff. They need to be presented and communicated in a way that is clear to everyone who works with your organisation. The planning process also needs to reflect a balanced scorecard and organisational culture issues.

We use a clear, proven and powerful Integral process to create strategic plans and business plans with minimum time and expense yet captures the motivation and creativity of your senior managers, board members and staff.

What can we do for you?

  • Develop your overall planning framework with a clear, simple and effective process
  • Facilitate your strategic planning and/or business planning workshops
  • Facilitate input from your board of directors, stakeholders, staff and customers
  • Provide examples and templates for your strategic plan and business plans
  • Design strategy maps and establish relevant performance indicators, targets and action plans
  • Provide advice, systems and people to implement your strategic objectives and actions
  • Facilitate periodic reviews of your plans and progress made in their implementation

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Our Process

The Integral process has been highly successful and adopted as the format and approach for many organisations. Depending on your organisation’s needs we are able to design and conduct half-day to two-day planning workshops. Where a shorter workshop is required, we provide suggestions for pre-workshop preparations that enable you to get maximum value out of your workshop sessions.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators have an outstanding track record and ability to work with CEO’s, boards, councils and senior executive groups across industry, public, not-for-profit and local government sectors. Through using the Integral process they are able to stimulate the input and participation required to focus on the critical issues and develop clear objectives.

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