Outplacement Services

We provide an array of services to both organizations and individuals to support them through the difficult and challenging effects of redundancy and career transition. We support employers in identifying the most cost effective services to assist them in dealing with the uncertainty and upheaval that arises when they are required to make staff redundant. In addition we provide the support framework to staff to prepare them to embark on their new career direction.

What We Offer

The opportunity to work with an independent provider who has a clear understanding of all aspects of outplacements and can quickly address issues and concerns as they arise. We provide accurate and up-to-date market information to prepare staff in the most adept way to get back into the workforce.

Key Benefits for Employers

  • Provide the opportunity to protect the Employer’s brand, reducing the impact of the negative perceptions on the Employer’s reputation
  • Enhance the image of the Employer, both internally and externally
  • Clearly structured and open programme which is easily understood by all

Key Benefits for Employees

  • Provide employees with independent professional advice support and guidance in identifying the options available to them to help them clarifying the next steps in their career
  • Support and assistance in working through the myriad of emotions which arise during this challenging time
  • Confidence building and assistance with positive focus to move forward more quickly
  • Tailored program to meet each individuals need

Key Services

We provide all elements of Career Transition and redeployment support including:

  • Career Coaching to identify potential career options
  • Enhanced Job search support and career strategy tools
  • Assistance in developing all self promotional materials including Resume and cover letter etc
  • Support in the preparation of responses to Selection Criteria
  • Practical confidence building tools and techniques to address the individuals challenges
  • Support in identifying transferrable skills and support with addressing skills gaps
  • Interview Coaching, including practical role plays to refine interview skills, assessment centres, panel interviews etc
  • Identifying current Networks, including tips and techniques to build and expand network
  • Advice and guidance on how to enhance your personal Brand
  • Information on current job market trends

What Is Our Approach?

As Outplacement is highly sensitive, we adhere to the industry code of conduct and ensure that everything is handled with the strictest confidence to protect both the Employer and the individual.

Our professional and adaptive Coaches provide a caring environment to support our clients through this emotionally sensitive situation and ensure they create the optimum environment for our clients to achieve the best outcome for their individual needs. We are flexible in our approach and modify our programme through consultation with the Employer and discussions with the individual to assess their individual requirements.

Our Coaching sessions range from one session through to 3, 6 or 12 sessions, which are tailored to the individual needs based on their circumstances and requirements.

We provide regular feedback via reports to the Employer on progress and completion to ensure that your investment has been used appropriately without breaching any employee confidentiality.

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