Project Performance Improvement

It is no secret that many projects are struggling, and start to head off course, long before tangible evidence and problems appear. This results in cost and schedule being put under pressure, combined with strained client and contractor relations. Further down the track, future business opportunities and reputation can be damaged. The stakes can be HIGH!

Compared to the original plan, structure, people and processes are no longer effective. It is no surprise that the numbers produce a picture of under-performance and frustration.

Our Response:

To support and enable you to achieve high performance project delivery and client satisfaction, Integral Development have put together a team of professionals with a combination of experience and a proven track record of delivering positive change and improvement.

Wherever you are on the project lifecycle, we can help – planning, optimising, pressure testing and more.

Are you experiencing any of the following on your project(s)?

  • Schedule slippage
  • Budget overruns
  • Unhappy owners/contractors/suppliers
  • Unidentified Bottlenecks
  • ‘Show stoppers’
  • Key players too focussed on ‘operational issues’
  • Staff attraction, retention and capability

If you have answered yes to any of the above, Integral Development can help.

What can Integral Development do for you?

A key principle of this involvement process is Evidence Based Managment.  We continually cross check performance improvements against the hard numbers.  In addition, we help implement a team culture of listening, responding to change and problem solving combined with quick and effective decision making.  These changes ensure the project gets back on course.

What follows is an example of how we have helped clients onto a path of Project Performance Improvement.

What our Project clients have said:

“Respect and trust of the team set them apart from other consultants we have used”

“No nonsense approach and straight talking”

“Produced an action plan with clear priorities”

“Delivered rapid change and improvements which resulted inour project coming back on schedule and hitting budget

Our Clients

Integral Development consultants bring to your organisation considerable experience in consulting, strategy and facilitation.  Our consultants have been involved in strategy development for clients including:Integral Development Project Performance Improvement Clients

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About Integral Development

Integral Development is one of Australia’s most unique and experienced leadership and management consultancies.  Integral Development provides a comprehensive range of best practice leadership and organisational development services.  We have a team of consultants, executive coaches and support staff dedicated to helping leaders and organisations achieve excellence in all areas of business; from commercial success and organisational efficiency to community, ethical and environmentally responsible actions.

Other Services

All our services can be modificed and customised to meet your specific needs and are based on the ‘Integral’ framework developed by Ken Wilber, whose work has  influenced world leaders such as Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.  Our services include:

  • Leadership Programs
  • Teambuilding
  • Facilitation
  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Surveys
  • Sustainability

The Project Performance Improvement Team

Integral Development consultants have an outstanding track record and ability to work with CEOs, boards, councils and senior executive groups across industry, public, not-for-profit and local government sectors.  Through using the Integral Development process they are able to stimulate the input and participation required to focus on the critical issues and develop clear objectives.


Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

Hannah Fitzhardinge

Hannah Fitzhardinge brings on-the-job experience in leadership, facilitation and coaching to her consulting work at Integral Development. She specialises in facilitating strategic planning, problem solving and leadership development workshops, as well as presenting sessions on communication, stakeholder engagement, and mindfulness / wellbeing at work. Hannah is passionate about working with individuals and organisations to increase the representation of women in positions of leadership, and is Program Director for the flagship Integral Women in Leadership program. She also co-facilitates Integral Development’s ever-popular Assertiveness for Women workshop.

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