Corporate Innovation

What Does Innovation Mean to Your Business?

  • Does your organisation need to be innovative to ensure long-term sustainability and success?
  • Is innovation currently used as tool for leadership development?
  • Do your people have the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for contemporary innovation?
  • Does the culture of your organisation foster innovation?
  • Are the systems and processes used by your organisation enabling innovation?
“Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.”
Ted Levitt


Integral Development is proud to offer a comprehensive innovation program that can help your organisation to answer ‘yes’ to all of the questions above. Our formal qualifications are purpose-built for industry clients and offer individual participants and their organisation the opportunity to apply innovation knowledge, theories and tools directly in the workplace.

An ‘Integral Approach’ to Innovation

Our approach to leadership, management and innovation is best described as integral. Integral Theory has been described as the new paradigm for the 21st century since it provides a new and holistic way of seeing leadership and the purpose of work in organisations. At the core of this framework is Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

When looking at innovation the four quadrants translate into intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic dimensions of sound organisational functioning and sustainability. The model incorporates the skills and behaviours of individuals, teams and organisations in terms of leading and managing innovation.The Integral framework is flexible and can be customised to include specific competencies for an organisation’s particular strategic challenges.

The Program Outline

Phase One: Profiling the innovation landscape at your organisation

Phase Two: Investigation and research phase – looking for innovation opportunities

Phase Three: Idea generation and active imagination

Phase Four: Opportunity evaluation

Phase Five: Leadership, high performing teams and innovation

Phase Six: Building the business case and strategy

Phase Seven: Innovation project implementation

Phase Eight: Embedding Innovation – creating the conditions and environment for sustained excellence

Program Purpose

The overall intention of the program can be separated between educational goals and business goals

Learning/Education Goals

  • Deliver a formal qualification in management/innovation to a cohort of managers
  • Develop the skills, capacities, competencies and knowledge of participants in key areas of leadership and innovation

Business Goals

  • Develop (or enhance) a robust system for innovation and embed it within the organisation
  • Demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) to the organisation through the application of live innovation projects capturing real business opportunities

Features and Benefits


  • Scoped to understand the needs of the organisation and fully customised to each business
  • A comprehensive program that includes a focus on the essentials for innovation
  • Outlines a proven methodology and system for corporate innovation
  • Integrates the foundational disciplines of leadership strategy, management in an innovation context

Benefits to the individual

  • Equips individuals with the competencies (skills, attributes, behaviours) and capacities required to lead self, teams and organisational strategy both effectively and innovatively.
  • Offers individuals unique insights into their styles and preferences relevant to leadership, teaming and innovation
  • Helps individuals to overcome fear and other barriers associated with change, leadership and innovation

Benefits to the organisation

  • Creates and embeds a robust innovation system in your organisation based upon industry best practice
  • Develops a ‘leadership culture’ where innovation is understood, encouraged, and lived in the business ·Integrates leading innovation tools and methodologies with existing systems and processes in your organisation.


Business Services Training Package

  • BSB60407: Advanced Diploma of Management (Innovation)
  • BSB51107: Diploma of Management (Innovation)

Program Design

Our Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Innovation is an 8-10 day program of face-to-face training over a 10 month period. Our program incorporate these modules:

  • Leadership suite
  • Creativity and Imagination suite
  • Strategy and Innovation suite
  • Business and Change suite

 Customised Program Delivery

Programs are typically delivered to cohorts of 12 to 20 people from the one organisation. This allows the program to be customised to the needs of an organisation and ensures that application to live business opportunities within that enterprise is possible.

The following delivery methodologies can be utilised throughout a typical program:

  • Face-to-face delivery: one full day per unit of competency
  • On-line delivery: through mapping of units of competency to exiting online modules
  • Self-paced learning: through the provisions of workbooks, journal articles and text books
  • Workplace application: participants form teams of 3-5 people in order to identify, evaluate and implement live innovation opportunities in accordance with the models and theory provided
  • Individual and small group coaching: facilitated sessions with participants and their manager or project sponsor. A three-way dialogue aimed at enhancing learning and refining opportunities

Registered Training Organisation

Integral Development is a Registered Training Organisation and currently runs a Certificate IV in Frontline Management, a Diploma of Management and an Advanced Diploma of Management.

Nick Oddy

Nick's background includes extensive experience working in University environments developing and delivering accredited and non-accredited corporate training programs for industry clients.

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