Leadership Development & Training

Integral Development provides in-house Leadership Programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of organisations and teams. Programs are designed for managers to:

  • Understand the key skills and roles of effective leadership and management.
  • Get feedback on their current level of leadership and management skill and to identify and develop specific actions to improve these skills.
  • Improve their skills in coaching staff as leaders, managing individual and team performance, especially poor performance.
  • Understand the strategic direction, culture and changes that managers need to implement.

Why Focus on Developing Leaders?

Today’s fast paced, complex business environment requires organisations to find new and innovative ways to develop leadership and strategic management capabilities. Integral Development’s customised programs are tailored to help deliver your business strategy and organisation’s change initiatives. We focus on improving individual, team and organisational effectiveness and assist you to achieve business objectives and build long term capability, with a focus on immediate practical skills for action.

Effective leadership enables people to hear the viewpoints of others, to shift from a fixed mindset, and to work through issues that may have been blocking communication and/ or productivity. It also helps determine clear actions with timelines, responsibilities and resources.

The customised Integral Development Leadership programs help:

  • Improve performance and achieve business objectives
  • Support your business strategy, market and customer needs
  • Accelerate your organisation’s change initiatives
  • Build long-term capability through developing leadership and management competence
  • Build immediate capacity by focusing on management hard skills and practical problem solving
  • Link your leadership development program with the strategic directions and culture change needed

Typical Modules/Workshops

ID has a wide range of modules/workshops that organisations can chose from to be presented as part of a Leadership Program. All are delivered by our highly experienced consultants with a high level of academic and research credibility and practical and relevant management experience. These modules can be run over a half day or full day and designed to meet your specific organisational needs. A few examples are summarised below:

  • Strategic Leadership and Management
  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • Building and Leading High Performance Teams
  • Ethics in Leadership and Decision making
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Peak Performance under Pressure
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Effective Stakeholder Relationship Management
  • Working with Different types using the MBTI
  • Leading Ideas in Environmental Practice
  • Finance for Non-Finance People
  • Integral Leadership: the Next Generation of Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Situational Leadership
  • Managing Good and Poor performance
  • Building Effective Integral Teams
  • Understanding and Managing Your Team Culture
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Becoming an Innovative Organisation
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour

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Our Approach

Integral Development’s customised programs are focused and highly relevant. Each program is designed to positively impact your people and assist you with implementing sustainable change within your organisation by providing;

  • Up to date and relevant topics delivered by outstanding presenters
  • Action learning through syndicate team’s undertaking business projects based on real challenges facing your organisation.
  • 360 leadership profiles and one on one executive coaching customised to participants development needs
  • Business case presentations to your company’s board, senior executive and expert academic panel.
  • Leaders developing leaders case studies focused on solving actual challenges facing your organisation conducted by an exceptional leader in your organisation
  • Experiential team building to create focus and improve team effectiveness

Experience in Leadership Development Programs

Integral Development and Dr Ron Cacioppe have over 25 years experience in conducting leadership development programs. A few recent examples are summarised below:

Department of Mines and Petroleum 2011-2014: Integral Development was awarded the contract to deliver a management excellence development program for 20 level 7 & 8 managers at the department. This contract involved the delivery of six highly customised sessions set up for the department, and covered a wide and diverse participant base. This involved topics such as emotional intelligence, stakeholder relations, leadership, coaching and communications skills and dealing with difficult people. Integral Development recently completed the third iteration of the program in July 2013. In addition, Integral Development coordinated a successful leadership/team program for the ARI Team leaders in 2013 for 21 participants.

Department of Mines and Petroleum, 2011-2014:  Integral Development was awarded the contract to deliver a program of customised training workshops for the department, scheduled to deliver over seven (7) topics as part of the reform agenda for the resources safety division. Since the commencement of the program in 2011, Integral Development has coordinated over 120 full day workshops across the Department, most notably the Mines Inspectors directorate, Petroleum Safety and the Dangerous Good and Hazardous Facilities directorates. This large and detailed contract has demonstrated Integral Developments outstanding capability to manage large and detailed training contracts, and the results of participant evaluation have warranted the nomination of the program for an external award.

ABN (Dale Alcock) Group 2008-2014; Integral Development provides 360 Leadership Profiles and executive coaching to the entire ABN group of 19 companies, including Dale Alcock Homes.  ID provides on-going coaching to the 18 General Managers, the CEO of the Group and a number of middle level managers within the business.  ID has provided this service for the last 4 years with ABN renewing our contract each year.

BHP, 2013; Integral Development was recently selected to be one of three providers for the provision of management and leadership training services for BHP Billiton. After a nationally sourced tender process, Integral Development progressed through each evaluation stage with the final results being our acceptance to be a preferred supplier.

CKJV, 2012-2014: Joint venture between CB&I and Kentz. Their scope is to deliver the ME&I for the Gorgon Project. Pete Coop is subcontracted to act as a facilitator for the Senior Leadership Team focussing on total project performance through process and people improvement. Pete’s consultancy support is about applying professional, external, objective pressure and guidance, in order to keep the senior leadership team accountable for best practice. Pete’s acts as an interface between Henderson, Barrow and Perth HQ, and 6 Module yards is Asia, facilitating problem solving consultations and ensuring strong teamwork is maintained. Pete works extensively with all stakeholders to develop leadership capabilities and maintain team focus on current project needs and priorities.

Landgate, 2012-2014: Integral Development was awarded the contract to deliver a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Management to 40 participants at Landgate. Integral Development competed against 9 other WA and Australian companies and universities and was selected after an extensive selection panel and presentation to a senior executive panel. We have recently completed the training aspects of both programs. The second iteration of both programs is scheduled for 2014. Participant feedback from both programs has been fantastic for all sessions, consistently above the 85% satisfaction rate for workshops. In addition the 360 and coaching program has been rated a core component of value in the program, whilst the workplace projects have added significant value to Landgate.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), 2013-2015: Integral Development won the contract for the provision of an Advanced Diploma in Management for the MRA.  This includes provision of the Integral Leadership and Management 360 Profile for 20 managers, workplace projects, coaching and assessment of their competencies aligned to eight days of training. We have recently completed the training aspect, and participants are in the process of completing their assessments for national accreditation. Whilst this program is still on-going, the workplace projects have been a core component of the program, especially in an organisation so heavily focused on significant innovative projects across Perth

Department for Child Protection and Family Support 2008-2013: Since 2008 Integral Development has delivered 3 major yearly leadership programs – Aspiring Leaders, Middle Management and Directors Programs – to regional directors, middle level managers and practice managers. Over 160 managers and staff were involved in each year in full day workshops, interactive half days sessions and coaching. Integral Development demonstrated it is capable of conducting these programs simultaneously during the whole year and delivered unique and valuable learning sessions. In all programs, the ID sessions scored above 80 which indicated participants rated the quality and value of the sessions very highly. ID worked closely with the Director of Learning and Development to ensure the programs were relevant and useful to DCP staff. This continuing nature of our relationship with DCP in leadership emphasizes the value that Integral Development has brought to DCP and our continuing relationship with a large and detailed public sector organisation.

Department of Environment and Conservation, 2010-2013; Integral Development has recently completed the third leadership development program with 23 middle and senior managers from DEC in 2013.  This was a 6 day program consisting of 3 two day modules. Each manager received the results from a 360 Leadership Development Profile and received on-going coaching sessions.  Integral Development competed against 12 other W.A. and Australian companies and universities and was selected after an extensive selection panel and presentation to a senior executive panel in which ID had demonstrated that its coaches and consultants were the most qualified and relevant to DEC and the W.A. Public Sector.

Rocky Bay, 2012-2014; Integral Development was selected to deliver a two tiered leadership development program to Rocky Bay. Concurrently running two programs, participants in Stream 2 completed a nationally recognised Diploma of Management.  With 35 participants across both streams, Integral Development has worked closely with the Rocky Bay executive to ensure that program content is contextually relevant across all modules. With the program recently finishing, Integral Development is scheduled to begin the program again in 2014, and has opened discussion to run a Diploma of Management open to the entire disability sector coordinated by ID and Rocky Bay.

Participants on the programs learnt effective and up-to-date leadership skills that are helping to keep Rocky Bay at the forefront of companies providing disability services. Workplace projects were a core component of delivering innovation to participants and to the organisation.

Department of Health, 2013-2014: Integral Development was awarded the contract for the development of emerging leaders within the Department of Health which involved 18 participants. Articulated into a Diploma of Management, the program included 9 full days of training on topics such as leadership, teamwork, communication, managing conflict, developing your-self and your career. ID provides coaching to all participants and the program includes a pre and post measurement of leadership and management competencies.

Chevron Bangladesh, 2010-2013: Integral Development ran a management training program for the middle & senior managers of the Chevron Bangladesh team, establishing team priorities, building interpersonal skills and relationships.  Integral Development has also worked with the Perth based executive team and a number of other teams within the Chevron Australian Business Unit on several occasions helping them determine their strategic priorities for the future and to build an effective executive team.

WALGA, 2011-2014: Integral Development completed a comprehensive Executive Development Program to the senior leadership team at WALGA and a Leadership Development program to the senior managers. Integral Development competed against numerous other W.A. and Australian companies and was selected after an extensive selection panel and presentation to a senior executive panel in which ID had to demonstrate that its coaches and consultants were the most qualified and relevant to WALGA. This program involved several days with the executive team and an Executive Integral Team Effectiveness Measure was used to track the status of the management team and measure before and after improvement of the team functioning. Integral Development will run an additional program in 2014.

Thiess Indonesia, 2012: Integral Development delivered a leadership development program tailored to meet the challenges of the High Focus Junior Emerging Leaders. This was a two day program for 8 high potential leaders in the Thiess International organisation in Business Services. The program covered team building, team leadership, dealing with difficult people, problem-solving and innovation. The second program involved a three day workshop with the executive team and involved setting strategic goals for 2012 and getting the team to be aligned and committed to this new direction. In addition, a new local Indonesian leader was taking over the team and the team had to agree on how they wanted to work with this new style of leadership.

Department of Finance, 2012-2013: Integral Development was awarded the contract for the provision of a comprehensive leadership program for the Government Procurement Directorate. After a stringent evaluation phase, Integral Development was awarded the contract for the provision of a two tiered program for the Department. Stream 1 was delivered to level 7, 8 & 9 Managers with Executive Directors providing on-going support and project guidance. Stream 2 was delivered to level 5&6 Emerging Leaders Managers with Executive Directors providing on-going support and project guidance. Integral Development recently completed the second iteration of this unique program.

Catholic Education, 2013: Integral Development completed a comprehensive executive leadership program for the Catholic Education Office. Begun in February 2013, Integral Development designed, coordinated and delivered a comprehensive leadership program to twenty (20) senior principals. The program covered eight full days of training, mastery group projects within industry, health assessments and executive coaching. The program was aligned to the requested AITSL framework to ensure content was aligned to the role of principals in the WA education environment. This program has been rated very well by all involved for all areas delivered by Integral Development.

Challenger Institute 2011- 2013: Integral Development delivered an executive team development program for the senior executive at Challenger Institute, dealing with topics such as managing conflict, leadership and communicating Vision.  In addition, Integral Development delivered 6 training sessions for the Level 7s and above managers and professionals.  ID presenters have received excellent ratings on all sessions. ID has been requested to provide additional leadership development programs for the executive leadership and management team in 2014.


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