Integral Facilitation

Effective Outcomes Achieved Efficiently

There is an increasing need for the use of professional facilitation to ensure that planning meetings and workshops are conducted in an efficient manner. Using professional facilitators to achieve useful outcomes with as little conflict, debate and meanderings as possible saves organisations and workteams considerable time and money.

Effective facilitation enables people to hear the viewpoints of others, to shift from a fixed mindset, and to work through issues that may have been blocking communication and/or productivity. It also helps determine clear actions with timelines, responsibilities and resources.

Integral Development facilitators have helped organisations to arrive at timely and effective outcomes in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Process improvement (eg Improving staff recruitment and retention)
  • Problem-solving (eg Managing poor performance)
  • Scenario planning
  • Cultural change
  • Community consultation
  • New ideas generation (eg New product development, implementation and innovation)
  • Environmental/sustainability planning

The Integral Framework for Facilitation

The difference in the way we facilitate is that the process is based on the Integral Facilitation Model where the 4 quadrants are uniquely translated and implemented through:

  • A clear scope, thorough planning and achieving the desired objectives
  • Managing the feelings, valuing participation and confronting where necessary
  • Encouraging ‘real’ team development and leader commitment
  • Using the best facilitation techniques, a structured approach, with appropriate timing, materials and costs

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What are the Benefits of using a Professional Facilitator?

Integral Development’s facilitators are experienced in a variety of facilitation techniques and methods that are selected to achieve the most effective process for your organisation’s requirements. The use of an external facilitator to your organisation is beneficial in that they:

  • Achieve outcomes in the shortest time possible.
  • Effectively manage differing views and behaviours.
  • Reduce possible conflict
  • Use time efficiently
  • Ensure all ideas are considered
  • Create an emotionally safe environment

Using the Correct Tools allows us to see your Challenges Clearly

Integral Development’s Professional Facilitation Tools

  • SAID method
  • Brainstorming and Multi voting
  • LENS Technique
  • Thinkpad technology
  • Synetic Problem Solving
  • Scenario Planning

Integral Development’s Process of Facilitation

Client Workshops

  • Strategic planning: Monadelphous Landgate; Shire of Mundaring; Shire of Kojonup; Department of Corrective Services; Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Community Consultation: St John of God Hospital, Shire of Mundaring, Therapy Focus
  • Executive Teambuilding: National Lifestyle Villages, Wesfarmers Energy
  • Organisational Change: Rockingham Hospital, Hakai Prison
  • Customer Service: Shire of Broome
  • Environmental Planning Workshops: Inpex; TAFE; Derby Prison; Chevron
  • Product Innovation: Landgate

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