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Project Performance Improvement in the Advanced Management Program


A Quick Background on Project Performance Improvement:

Traditionally outside of big construction activities, projects in other sectors were managed as part of our day to day activities. This approach did not deliver either schedule or cost targets. In simple terms, if we were running late, it did not matter as long as our other main job description activities were being achieved.

As we went in to the late 90’s, the ability to manage and respond to change became increasingly important.

Overnight, work projects went from being – “it would be great if we could implement this” to “we have to do this, in order to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive”.

The promise of “technology will save us” became the beacon business was attracted to.  We went through a phase where we became over dependent on IT based project management!  Simply put, business believed that as long as we had everything on a software system, the projects would be fine.

The very opposite happened.

50% of projects missed a combination of schedule and budget. Globally, it became a source of embarrassment in the public and private sectors.

The question increasingly being asked was, “where was it going wrong?”

So lets take a look at that.  We had all the components we thought we needed.  The right software, the right technical expertise, the right budgeting.  What was missing?

Leadership – and in particular the day to day interaction between the teams, the owners/clients and the sub-contractors

It is no secret that many projects are struggling, and start to head off course, long before tangible evidence and problems appear. This results in cost and schedule being put under pressure, combined with strained client and contractor relations. Further down the track, future business opportunities and reputations can be damaged. So the stakes are HIGH!

Compared to the original plan, current structure, people and processes are no longer effective. It is no surprise that the numbers produce a picture of under-performance and frustration.

How can Project Performance Improvement help?

PPI helps educate your leadership and management

  • Schedule slippage
  • Budget overruns
  • Unhappy owners/contractors/suppliers
  • ‘Show Stoppers’
  • Key Players too focused on ‘operational’ issues
  •  Staff attraction, retention and capability
  • and much more

To support and enable you to achieve high performance project delivery and client satisfaction, Integral Development has put together the Advanced Management Program, with PPI as a key module.

Wherever you are on the project lifecycle, Project Performance Improvement will help you – planning, optimising, pressure testing and rescuing.

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