About Philip Moyle

Philip Moyle, director of Integral Development, is a former British Army officer. He was commissioned at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. During his military career he created intent-based leadership programmes for his soldiers, using MISSION COMMAND, a process which makes everyone within an organisation (or team) understand their mission or task, and what their specific role is required to achieve it. It flows control and therefore responsibility and decision making, down through an organisation which produces outstanding leaders at all levels. On one notable occasion he even briefed the Queen!

On leaving the army, Phil used his experience of intent-based leadership and developed this is into an experiential based leadership programme for the UK corporate sector. This was designed to develop both team and leadership capabilities of organisations, facilitated by former colleagues from the British Army many of whom had served with UK Special Forces. The programmes, which delivered clarity of strategy and organisational alignment, were used for leadership training, assessment and to develop high-performing teams.

Phil’s company was bought by larger organisation in 2001, enabling him to move to Perth with his Australian wife and young family. Phil then joined a WA based corporate events company and replicated these experiential leadership programmes for the Australian corporate market from 2001-2005. He was then selected to run major corporate events for the next five years.

Since 2010, Phil set up his own team development and leadership organisation. He has re-created these same intent based leadership programmes, facilitated by ex-Australian SPECIAL AIR SERVICE operatives. Phil and his team have run hundreds of programmes, all tailored to organisations’ specific requirements (both commercial and public sector), throughout Australia, and in New Zealand and Singapore. Programmes are designed for groups of 5-120 delegates, from C-suite executives and project teams to entire departments or organisations. They are also used to optimise alignment between client and contractor teams ensuring a collaborative approach to a project.

Phil has worked with Integral Development on a number of programmes and joined Integral as a Director in January 2016.