About Nick Oddy

Nick’s passion is innovation. Whether developing a leadership program, working as an integral coach, or delivering our purpose built innovation qualifications he seeks to apply creative thinking in order to identify opportunities that deliver real value to individuals and organisations.

Nick’s experience includes working with a range of organizations to identify specific learning needs aligned to corporate strategy. His corporate clients come from diverse sectors such as local government, healthcare and financial services. The application of learning into organisations, and the translation of theory into practice, is something Nick learned during his time working with the corporate arms of Swinburne and Monash University.

Nick's research interests include innovation and emerging leadership practices. He is currently completing a PhD investigating how deep self-inquiry and self-knowledge can facilitate optimal individual and organisational development. In order to enhance his ability to work effectively with organizations Nick has completed numerous qualifications at both vocational and postgraduate levels. He holds a Graduate Diploma of Psychology as well business qualifications in Management, Leadership and HRM.

Nick will challenge you to examine your assumptions about business and to constantly seek to ‘find a better way’. He will encourage and you to uphold the personal and corporate goals you set in order that you and your organization may discover your potential.



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