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Let Our Facilitators Increase Efficiency in Your Workshops and Planning Meetings



Sometimes, an outside point of view from a management consulting firm can be helpful to your Perth business. Over the years, we have found that many companies have their leadership development under control, but that their workshops and meetings can become bogged down, due to conflict and confusion concerning roles.

Sometimes, all it takes is for someone from the outside to take charge of the meeting or workshop as an objective facilitator. An effective facilitator can help employees and management become more open to new information or techniques, work through conflicts or issues, and turn nebulous concepts into fixed objectives.

An objective facilitator can be useful for such goals as process improvement, strategic planning, cultural change, scenario planning, problem solving, the generation of new ideas, and planning for sustainability.

The Integral Facilitation Model

The Integral Facilitation Model is a framework consisting of four quadrants. These quadrants are implemented and delivered via the following:

● A well-defined macrocosm, planning that pays close attention to detail, leading to the desired outcomes

● Managing emotions, encouraging participation, and intervention if needed

● Fostering team development and commitment on the part of leaders

● The most effective facilitation methods, combining structure, correct timing, and the right combination of materials.


● Deliver outcomes with maximum time efficiency

● Prevent divergent views from causing conflict

● Foster an environment where all ideas are welcome

● Empower maximum participation by maintaining an emotionally safe environment

Professional Facilitation Tools

● LENS Technique

● SAID Method

● Multi-voting and Brainstorming

● Synetic Problem Solving

● Thinkpad Technology

● Scenario Planning


The Integral Development Facilitation Process

● Introductory meeting to gather information and determine key objectives

● Determine specifics, such as outcomes, facilities, location, and timing

● Deliver proposed agenda, determine appropriate facilitation methods, develop topical outline

● Facilitate and deliver workshop

● Summary and implementation of actions

● Monitor results

Summary of Benefits

It has been our experience that professional facilitation can make a meeting or workshop twice as productive as it would be without. The presence of an objective facilitator, who is present for the sole purpose of helping the company attain its desired results, can prevent a workshop or meeting from deteriorating into a public airing of petty grievances.

Call (08) 9242 8122 today for more details.

Hannah Fitzhardinge

Hannah Fitzhardinge brings on-the-job experience in leadership, facilitation and coaching to her consulting work at Integral Development. She specialises in facilitating strategic planning, problem solving and leadership development workshops, as well as presenting sessions on communication, stakeholder engagement, and mindfulness / wellbeing at work. Hannah is passionate about working with individuals and organisations to increase the representation of women in positions of leadership, and is Program Director for the flagship Integral Women in Leadership program. She also co-facilitates Integral Development’s ever-popular Assertiveness for Women workshop.

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