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Integral Leadership Program Overview


The Integral Leadership Program (ILP) is one of our most unique and powerful programs that is different from many of the other leadership programs available.   The focus is on helping participants develop a deep understanding of themselves, how they relate to others and how they influence others to be their best.

The program covers the key aspects of effective leaders but includes major content on skills such as being in the present, dealing with difficult people, influencing and relating with others and more.  The ‘integral framework’ developed by Ken Wilber, a US philosopher and transpersonal thinker, is used to integrate ideas and skills in the program.

This approach is considered to be the most profound ideas of the 21st century linking eastern and western approaches to leadership into a practical set of ideas and skills.

The ILP is a very practical program dealing with real issues, problems and challenges facing participants and their organisations.  The program focuses on using best practice ideas in leadership but goes further into new ways of being and relating to others and managing people.

Each person will participate in an Integral 360 Leadership profile and will have their own coach to help them develop a plan to improve their leadership skills, apply the ideas learned in the program and deal with challenging situations facing them.

The Integral Leadership Program is a great program that the course presenters really enjoy doing since it involves the latest ideas and approaches to leadership and helps participants become ‘authentic leaders’.  The feedback on the program has been very positive with participants saying it has been the most effective personal and leadership program they have been involved with.

Ron Cacioppe

Ron Cacioppe is the Managing Director of Integral Development and holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD. He has taught in the Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University, Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.

21 thoughts on “Integral Leadership Program Overview

  1. I like the commentry. While its really good on Philosophy it doesnt mention how you will translate the philosophy into behaviour by the development of skills on the course. So I may know that assertiveness is important in courageous conversations but how do I do it. Otherwise great

  2. The experience of a deeper understanding of self, inextricably linked to becoming a more authentic leader, can have a profound impact on all areas of life. This is an opportunity to address the very foundations of self and how we function both professionally and personally.

  3. The logic behind developing one as a person looks good, as the procedures encompass spiritual as well as mental and physical presence. I would think that if a leader can be “taught”, then the by product is the team will improve productivity, teamwork, togetherness, and the business should br more profitable and financially stronger.
    The “team” should also naturally develop into leaders . Ron, you may have just destroyed the myth that “leaders are born, not made”

  4. Hi Ron
    I think you encapsulate what you offer simply and without any ‘organisational speak’. The program must be great.

  5. A great program with great facilitators using leading edge concepts to harness our individual strengths. Tim Rossi. Coach. Sydney

  6. I’ve certainly seen the impact and difference the programme has made to staff who have attended the ILP. In many cases it has been profound and I have been deeply touched with the revelations and the growing awareness that has taken place. I love the fact that the Presenters and Facilitators enjoy their work so much and are able to develop such strong connections with the group members. More than any other program I have seen, I see the value of the deeply personal work that people do along with the structure and discipline of the learning making a real difference to people in the workplace.

    Ricky Burges, CEO WALGA

  7. Such a fascinating topic to explore. Very interested in this approach, might there been room here to focus on the individual and emotional resilience aspect of leadership.

  8. Ron,

    Great approach to an ever increasing issue in this age of stressed employees and employers. Well done.

    Mike Wynne.

  9. Hi Ron,
    I know a colleague that thought the course was fantastic. Maybe a comment could be added from a similar past participant(s). Could you ask the question “do you know you are a good leader, or do you think you are a good leader and what’s the difference?” as from what I heard this course helped answer the question for the individual.
    Gerard, CIO ABN Group

  10. The Integral Leadership and Management Framework that you have developed Ron is the most comprehensive and relevant model that I’ve come across so far. It’s very powerful and really helps clients connect and put things together in a new way. I bet people come out quite empowered, engaged and inspired from this training and I think few things are more important to ignite in the leadership of today. Well done!

  11. Straightforward and clear summary of what this valuable program offers. Perhaps the blog could be linked to personal testimonies or examples where the program has been delivered? I know what a difference the program has made to my thinking and leadership, as that of my executive team – does anyone else?!

  12. Hi Ron. Like the simplicity, holistic and tangible view that is encapsulated by the framework. Good to see that you have made it personal and easy to understand. You appear to have expanded and made more practical Wilbur’s enlightened view on leadership. As part of “authentic self” it is critical that this includes personal growth (mental, physical and hopefully spiritual)- which is so essential to developing as a leader.

  13. Thanks Jonathan, Really great comments. You point is really good about testimonies and examples where program has added value. Point taken and we’ll work on that.

  14. Thanks Staffan. I really appreciate your support for the Integral Leadership and Management model. For others reading this, Staffan is in Vancouver, Canada and was part of an Integral 360 Leadership & Management Program we ran in Canada. Staffan has become a great proponent of Integral Leadership and provides leadership coaching and consulting

  15. Thanks Gerard, Jonathan Throssle also made a point that comments from previous participants would be a good idea – yup, will do that. Asking the question about ‘Do you know you are a good leader?’ is an interesting and good question. Part of the answer would have to include ‘How do you know you are a good leader? (e.g. people tell you, you have motivated people, you don’t have problems, you have done a 360 leadership profile, etc.) and secondly, if you are, what do you do that makes you a good leader? I often ask people who they have worked with who is a great leader. Fiona Stanley, Mike Own (Australia Post), Damien Eves (ABN Group), Jonathan Throssle (Shire of Mundaring), Ricky Burgess (WALGA). Simon Burkhead (ABN Group) are people that have put forward by staff they work with, scored terrifically on our 360 Leadership Profile and are really outstanding in the emotional intelligence and vision in my own experience.

  16. I agree Mick, employee well-being, dealing with stress and work life balance are areas that are suffering because of the hugh pressure for increased profit. Only an ‘integral leader’ can ensure the company is successful commercially and look after employees, provide quality customer care, and the natural environment (and eat whole grain bread, be emotionally intelligent and bicycle to work!!). Thanks, Ron

  17. Interesting Tom, the topic of resilience has come up a lot these days and is sometimes brought into leadership development programs. We teach mindfulness, meditation and emotional intelligence and encourage good diet and exercise. I’d be interested in what you would recommend to develop resilence. Ron

  18. Thanks Ricky, The thing that also needs to be added is that for any program like an Integral Leadership Progam to really have effect, the head of the organisation must support and model what we are teaching….and since you do that in WALGA our program has been a lot more effect.

  19. Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback, Pat. Good to know what you write is readable.

  20. Hi Ron. Like the simplicity, holistic and tangible view that is encapsulated by the framework. Good to see that you have made it personal and easy to understand. You appear to have expanded and made more practical Wilbur’s enlightened view on leadership. As part of “authentic self” it is critical that this includes personal growth (mental, physical and hopefully spiritual)- which is so essential to developing as a leader.

    Dr Nat P Lenzo

  21. Good Morning Ron. Thanks for inviting me to comment. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Integral over the past 6 months, my coaching sessions with you have assisted my development in a number of areas and most importantly my growth awareness of mindfulness and looking at authentic self.

    The Integral program is easy to understand but complex in the journey of how we see ourselves, and importantly how others see and percieve us as leaders in the work place responsible for assisting in the growth of staff and the departments growth and achievement of goals.

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