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Integral Leadership Coaching Identifies and Develops Leaders Within Your Business


We have conducted extensive leadership development training for numerous Australian businesses over the last 20 years, and our clients all seem to agree on one concept: it is better to develop leaders from within than it is to hire them from outside on a regular basis.

An integral organisation should be a place where everyone who is hired feels that he or she has an opportunity for career advancement if they display enough dedication and hard work. Employees tend to work harder if they feel that their efforts will be rewarded with promotions as they progress through the company.

Integral Leadership Coaching enables a business to identify and develop leaders, from the earliest stages of their careers, to those who are in position to replace a retiring CEO. We customise our coaching programs to the individual, and help you develop protocols in which present and future leaders can attain the next level. We focus on solutions,results, and self-directed learning, leading to increased performance, and both personal and professional growth for the individual.

How Your Organisation Benefits

Successful integral organisations are built one person at a time. If each individual is developed to the fullest, they are able to maximise their contributions to the team. Integral Leadership Coaching benefits the organisation in many ways:

● Identifies areas in which key employees can grow

● Increases employee retention and motivation by providing a customised plan for upward mobility

● Fosters an environment of teamwork and achievement

● Makes the organisation stronger by upgrading the skill set of the individual

How the Individual Benefits

● Full assessment of strengths and possibilities for  improvement

● Customised plan for learning and development

● Environment supports personal and professional growth

● Strategies for reducing and managing stress

● Replace counterproductive interpersonal styles with effective ones

● Experience growth through a process that is focused on results and solutions

How Integral Leadership Development is Different

The Integral Leadership and Management Competency Framework was developed by Integral Development’s Managing Director, Dr Ron Cacioppe, from a body of leadership and management research spanning more than twenty years.The framework incorporates the Competing Values Framework by Robert Quinn, research conducted by Professor John Kotter of Harvard, and the work and philosophy of Ken Wilber concerning Integral Theory.

For more information, call (08) 9242 8122.

Antonia Clissa

Antonia's has a background in senior management, health, and psychotherapy/counselling with a wide range of experience working with diversity including cultural, linguistic and gender issues in the government and not for profit sector.

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