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FLOQ is Hiring


We’re looking for someone. Someone to help sell our wonderful shiny new web-application to the masses.

Our start-up is ready to launch and we need another pair of hands to help it take flight. That’s where you come in. You and your brilliant rolladex – except you don’t have a rolladex, you have a very very long list on your iPhone.

You’ll be many things to us: a charismatic sales guy or girl, a lover of start ups, an awesome networker, a strategist and ideally a teller of humorous jokes.

You’re bold, you’re stupidly ambitious, and you don’t get scared when we say we want a ton of users. (ok you might get a bit nervous but you’re more excited). You can sell ice to Eskimos. But you wouldn’t. Because you’re very very nice – even if a little mischievous. While others say you’re a superb sales person you don’t think you’ve sold a thing in your life. You just love things and have a knack of helping others share the love. You’re energetic, entrepreneurial and intelligent, with a history of exceeding your targets. You’re capable of developing business from scratch and excited about getting involved in a start-up. You make mistakes – you’re human – but you know why you’ve made them and you’re humble enough to admit it.

You know your way around technology. In fact you love it. And like us have many apps on your phone. You love metrics, charts, numbers and data and use them to keep you grounded and focused. You understand social media and know how to use it professionally. Your Linkedin network includes more than just your colleagues from your last company and you do more than just stalk ex’s on Facebook.

You won’t be doing this alone. You’ll work together with great marketing, beautiful design and brilliant engineering. And while you just love the thrill of the chase you’ll also be well compensated for helping our company grow, with money, equity opportunities and the pleasure of working with a cool team on a great project.

So if you think you might be the right someone for this, email your resume to and tell us whatever you think we should know.

For more information on Floq and where we are currently at in our development timeline, check out our website and blog.

Jonah Cacioppe

Jonah holds a BA from Curtin University and an MSA from Sydney University. He is a Director of Integral Development and has been involved in the design, administration and running of leadership and management programs over the last 12 years.

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