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FLOQ Alpha Version Launched


We’re excited! And not because it’s the New Year, but because after lots of blood, sweat and no tears FLOQ is launching the Alpha version of it’s software. After designing, coding and crafting for the past few months we’re keen to get some feedback and make sure this little puppy is perfectly polished before our beta release in the new year.

Building on the experience of Integral Developments’ consulting recommendations and surveys we saw an opportunity to provide an intuitive, intelligent and beautiful benchmarking and survey web-application. Floq will allow people to gather feedback through surveys and ratings, and then benchmark themselves against others businesses, people or products.

We’re excited because Floq is beautiful. Floq is intuitive. Floq is intelligent. Very intelligent.

In the past creating a survey  was about as easy as building a submarine under water. Floq is about to change this.

How? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Let’s say you run a coffee shop and it’s long been a favourite. That was until a new swanky cafe down the road starting stepping on your turf. So what have they got they you don’t have? Is it just the novelty or is there coffee really better? Floq will allow you to create a customer feedback survey, made easy by Floq’s intuitive ability to offer up popular and related questions, scooped up from previous café’s surveys.

By the time the tenth coffee shop creates a survey using Floq, there’ll be benchmarks for all coffee shops to compare themselves and their customers’ preferences. So at the end of all this, your coffee gets a 3, the local average is a 2 and that place down the road has scored a 4. You now know you’re above the average but you also know that to keep up with the competition you may have to send your barista to update his skills.

We reckon context is king, and without benchmarking to compare responses across time, location and other demographics, you’re monkeying around like a ship’s captain without a compass and a map.

Over the next few weeks Floq will be available through free accounts during our Alpha and Beta releases, or by Enterprise subscription for people that want all the bells and whistles. If you’re ridiculously excited about trying Floq and can’t wait for our public release help us get the word out by signing up and sharing it with your friends on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter – the more you share the higher you’ll jump in our private Beta invite list.

Click Here to go to Floq and register for an invite to our next Private Beta release.

Jonah Cacioppe

Jonah holds a BA from Curtin University and an MSA from Sydney University. He is a Director of Integral Development and has been involved in the design, administration and running of leadership and management programs over the last 12 years.

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